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I’ve been enjoying portraiture lately. I did a street – style shoot for my brother over lockdown and it turned out well. The abandoned Art-Deco street was a brilliant backdrop to work with.

All images subject to copyright –  © Eleanor Hyde 2021

Baseball caps or lockdown hair? Either way it’s a vibe! I have a few more shoots lined up (within restrictions). If you’re wanting your own photographs, do get in touch via contact – I’m always on the lookout for portrait models.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of shooting with a model. Additionally, with lockdown I found myself watching YouTube videos created by photographers who film their shoot days with clients. I learnt so much about portraiture as well as getting that much needed escapism, to street locations all over the world. Jessica Kobeissi has a very fun series and here’s one that has me desperate to visit Japan again!


All photos taken with the Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens.

Humans of Japan

Street Photography

The people of Japan are incredible! They are some of the healthiest people on earth and are very active. I couldn’t wait to get to Japan – it is a brilliant place for street photography. I’m calling this collection ‘Humans of Japan.’ I capture subjects unaware in order to reflect and document Japanese culture.

Please do not reproduce or republish these photographs.

Hortus Botanicus

Hortus Botanicus is an amazing place!

Whilst in Amsterdam I visited the Hortus Botanicus botanical gardens and I set to work with all of the best macro techniques! They even have a butterfly house there which made for some truly beautiful shots.

I haven’t picked up my camera to do a themed series of photographs in so long! The photography section of this blog has been so neglected recently. Botanics are one of my favourite subjects; they are colourful and create brilliant abstract forms. Here’s a series I’ve put together from my Amsterdam trip!strong purple flower spreading open

Close up of the center of a sunflower star-like abstract form of a bluebell abstract yellow form created by petals side profile of a butterfly closeup profile of a butterfly's antennae close up Birdseye of a butterfly's wing span bright yellow flower against a dark green background portrait image of dark green foliage, framing a spiders web in the centre, upon which a spider is silhouetted by the sunlight Beautiful green palm leaves potted in a wooden pot cacti leaves with the view of one of Amsterdam's canals behindI defintely recommend a trip to your local botanical gardens! Here are a few UK places:
If you are heading to Amsterdam, you can find more information regarding the cities “flower attractions,” here.

Por Las Ventanas

Por las ventanas: through the windows.

Recently I have been looking at the relationship between windows, the figures in them and the views beyond in order to inspire a new series of art work. As part of this, you may have seen a behind the scenes video over on Instagram, documenting a research trip. I headed to the nearest city for the day, snapping as many views and “moments,” through windows as I could!


I’ve been inspired by Kat Gill’s work recently – she carried out an engagement shoot one winter looking in on a couple through a coffee shop window. I just can’t stop shooting reflections! The architecture in the city gave me so much to work with, layering windows with subject reflections, framed by the facades on the opposite side of the road.
_MG_0694 _MG_0699 _MG_0737

One of the beauties about shooting in the city, is that everybody is so wrapped up in the hustle of their own lives, that you can afford to be daring. I took this image looking into the apple store and I love how the camera just captures a moment in time, unable to be recreated again…
_MG_0799_MG_0802_MG_0728_MG_0842As the day went on I found myself walking down the river, stumbling upon larger more architectural buildings and bridges. I began to experiment a little more with this idea of layering components. _MG_0831

I’m still experimenting with these ideas but I hope you like them!

Eleanor ♥

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Last week, I woke up to snow so I grabbed my camera, and headed outside before anyone could spoil the oh-so-pretty, perfect layer of bliss! I had some fun with a macro extension (my favourite thing to talk about these days) and tyre tracks…

Hope you enjoy them!

Eleanor ♥

_MG_7046 9 6710

Burning Lights

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with photographing candles! So much so that on Wednesday, I dug out my macro lens extension and began to play around with compositions – they turned out quite abstract!


Eleanor ♥

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Hamsterley Forest

To kick off the new year, I slept in till 10:30am, had brunch, then went off for a walk in Hamsterley Forest. We then followed it by coffee of course! Hamsterley forest is full of adventures, pretty photo opportunities and endless woodland trails! Here are the shots I got!

Eleanor ♥

_MG_6910 _MG_6875_MG_6897_MG_687803

Safari Adventure

Last week, I visited the Safari Zoo in the Lake District – I had such a great day! The enclosures gave great access to the animals, and I was able to get right up close to tigers, jaguars, giraffes, lemurs, kangaroos… My creativity jumped at the chance to shoot! Even if I did end up freezing and numbly sipping a coffee post 6 hours outdoors!

Enjoy the shots as much as I did!

Eleanor ♥_MG_6182_MG_615327-10-1527-10-15227-10-153_MG_6206 27-10-154 27-10-155 27-10-157

Low Force

It’s Friday! Yesterday I received my GCSE results, and so I’m now officially free! Or at least for two weeks… Anyway, at the start of this month, I took a walk with my family, along the Pennine Way, and around Low Force waterfalls, up to High Force in Teesdale… That’s a lot of names I know! Whilst out, my Dad and I started to play around with cameras, and ND8 filters – I’m a convert! They allowed me to use a long shutter without overexposing, and to also capture so much more colour! Have fun browsing my favourite shots – if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a few sneak peaks already!

Eleanor ♥

_MG_5237_MG_5228_MG_5264_MG_5269_MG_5232 _MG_5302

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