Safari Adventure

Last week, I visited the Safari Zoo in the Lake District – I had such a great day! The enclosures gave great access to the animals, and I was able to get right up close to tigers, jaguars, giraffes, lemurs, kangaroos… My creativity jumped at the chance to shoot! Even if I did end up freezing and numbly sipping a coffee post 6 hours outdoors!

Enjoy the shots as much as I did!

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Low Force

It’s Friday! Yesterday I received my GCSE results, and so I’m now officially free! Or at least for two weeks… Anyway, at the start of this month, I took a walk with my family, along the Pennine Way, and around Low Force waterfalls, up to High Force in Teesdale… That’s a lot of names I know! Whilst out, my Dad and I started to play around with cameras, and ND8 filters – I’m a convert! They allowed me to use a long shutter without overexposing, and to also capture so much more colour! Have fun browsing my favourite shots – if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a few sneak peaks already!

Eleanor ♥

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Butterfly Heaven

Last week, the sun was shining, and I decided to take a walk and get some fresh air. I got 50m and there discovered a beautiful plant, attracting many bees. For a while I tried to try and capture these little creatures but they were just to fast however, suddenly a butterfly came to sit on one of the flowers – I took my chance and started shooting!

Eleanor ♥

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Durham Architecture

After stumbling across my archives, and photographs from Durham last week, I couldn’t resist going back to capture more of the city! This time, I really focused on the beautiful architecture, that can be found pretty much everywhere in Durham! Here are a few of my favourites!

Eleanor ♥

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Capturing with Peppermintswirls | Cubism

Once again, Betsy and I are back with our monthly collab, setting out in order to try a new photographic effect, and get creative! This month, we are looking at cubism photography. By simply duplicating layers, cutting out shapes, and rearranging, you can create so many different effects! I really enjoyed this and I definitely will be including the effect, within future editing styles! We’d love you to respond, take your own cubism photographs, and send them in to our social media sites! Check out Betsy’s response here!

Eleanor ♥

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Street Photography

Over a year ago, I took a trip to Durham, and carried out a full shoot, equipped with tripods, a shoot-list and filters. It’s been a while since I did something like this, and it’s amazing what you can capture with a bit of inspiration. When I stumbled across these in my archives today I just had to share them! I can’t wait to get back out and shoot this summer!

Eleanor ♥



I came across vortographs one night on an ‘inspiration search’ and I quickly fell in love! It’s all about placing three mirrors, in a triangular shape, and shooting through the middle, in order to see what abstract reflections you can find. And since I love abstract photographs, I just had to try it out!

3-6-1523-6-15 3-6-1543-6-153

Sweet Adventures

Last weekend I went on a little family holiday retreat to a place called Cropton. We stayed in a luxury log cabin, in the forest, and were able to adventure, ride segways, take photographs and relax our muscles in a private hot tub! I definitely recommend it! Anyway, here’s a mismatch of photographs!

23-5-152 23-5-1523-5-153 23-5-154 23-5-15524-5-1523-5-156 24-5-153

Check out Cropton Cabins here!

Capturing with Peppermintswirls | Looking Through the Glass

I’m back again with Peppermintswirls, this time setting out to capture: looking through windows. This sounds a very bizarre brief, yet actually the results are amazing – combining reflections with portraits gives a great effect! It’s also a brilliant excuse for coffee! Oh, and also, lets appreciate how beautiful Amy is looking here – thanks for modelling!

Check out Betsy’s response to the title here.

Eleanor ♥

15-5-153 15-5-154 15-5-155


I took a bike ride down some country lanes the other night, setting out to photograph and I discovered a verge filled with dandelions! I love dandelions, as they mark mid Spring and early Summer – not to mention the fun you can have with them! I really like how these shots have developed!

Eleanor ♥

14-5-152 14-5-153 14-5-154 14-5-155

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