Hortus Botanicus

Hortus Botanicus is an amazing place!

Whilst in Amsterdam I visited the Hortus Botanicus botanical gardens and I set to work with all of the best macro techniques! They even have a butterfly house there which made for some truly beautiful shots.

I haven’t picked up my camera to do a themed series of photographs in so long! The photography section of this blog has been so neglected recently. Botanics are one of my favourite subjects; they are colourful and create brilliant abstract forms. Here’s a series I’ve put together from my Amsterdam trip!strong purple flower spreading open

Close up of the center of a sunflower star-like abstract form of a bluebell abstract yellow form created by petals side profile of a butterfly closeup profile of a butterfly's antennae close up Birdseye of a butterfly's wing span bright yellow flower against a dark green background portrait image of dark green foliage, framing a spiders web in the centre, upon which a spider is silhouetted by the sunlight Beautiful green palm leaves potted in a wooden pot cacti leaves with the view of one of Amsterdam's canals behindI defintely recommend a trip to your local botanical gardens! Here are a few UK places:
If you are heading to Amsterdam, you can find more information regarding the cities “flower attractions,” here.







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