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Welcome to Distinctivemode, a platform that hopes to share life, encourage all and inspire good modes of living. Founded by Eleanor, Distinctivemode has evolved to be a creative media and writing collection shaped by faith and creativity.
The site is split into two elements: Pages and Portfolio. The ‘pages’ section contains honest reflections from Eleanor’s journal whilst her ‘portfolio’ is host to a range of creative media and travel content, open to commission. Alongside writing, Eleanor has a degree in Architecture and believes in using her creativity to reveal the beauty of this world.

  • Human Moments | Affordable Photography Edinburgh

    Human Moments | Affordable Photography Edinburgh

    Looking for affordable photography in and around Edinburgh? The best way to get those affordable photography services is often to employ what’s called an ‘amateur.’ This term means that photography is not their daily profession. It doesn’t mean their talent is less and often, an amateur is happy to offer more affordable photography rates. Employing…

  • Let’s Talk About Confidence

    Let’s Talk About Confidence

    There are moments in life that seem to shake us. These can be huge, obvious blows as well as a gradual build up of small changes or circumstances. Confidence can be so high to then one day disappear. What does it look like to truly be confident? If my confidence has been knocked, how can…

  • Jonah’s Importance in the Bible : Anger & Unexpected Outcomes

    Jonah’s Importance in the Bible : Anger & Unexpected Outcomes

    Jonah’s importance in the bible is well known: in the story, Jonah, tries to run away from God and ends up on a ship in a storm. He is thrown overboard, swallowed by a Whale and cries out to God for help. God answers and the whale spits him back up onto shore. Jonah then…

  • Get Bluck-y! | Engagement Photos

    Get Bluck-y! | Engagement Photos

    I was so privileged to photograph this lovely series of engagement photos, celebrating the Bluck’s. We set it right where Lewis proposed to Kirsty: by Sham Castle, Bath. Need a low-rate photographer? Get in touch here. *Disclaimer: Services were offered free and non-profit.* All images subject to copyright –  © Eleanor Hyde 2020

  • Cycling the French Wine Region

    Cycling the French Wine Region

    Not far from Bordeaux Bordeaux is one of France’s famous wine regions. French wine is a delicacy that anyone hoping to encounter the nation’s culture must delight in. French wine production is second in the world league tables, and cycling French wine regions is certainly great travel activity. On the periphery of Bordeaux, sits the…

  • Paths – Fate, feat, or….?

    Paths – Fate, feat, or….?

    Graduating University throws big decisions at us. How are we to navigate the next path? How do I know what path to take? Isaiah 30:21 says, ”Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘this is the way,’ walk in it.” But is it…

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