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Looking for affordable photography in and around Edinburgh? The best way to get those affordable photography services is often to employ what’s called an ‘amateur.’ This term means that photography is not their daily profession. It doesn’t mean their talent is less and often, an amateur is happy to offer more affordable photography rates.

Employing an amateur grants them opportunities to develop and experiment with their portfolio.

Today I’m sharing a collection of my best portrait work from the past year or so. I aim to capture individual personality and authentically frame stories, allowing for the reflective marking of seasonal moments. Some of these were ‘amateur’ commissions. Over time, I have continued to build a portfolio of photography work.

Do you have a moment you want to mark yourself? I’m open to offering affordable photography services in Edinburgh and beyond. Fancy a walk, a talk and some snaps? I’m open to all kinds of portrait commissions and happy to offer / discuss affordable rates.

Need an affordable photographer in and around Edinburgh? Get in touch via the Distinctivemode Facebook page, or fill in an enquiry form  here.

Browse wider portfolio here.

brown-haired girl smiles, with her eyes squinting and dimples forming. Her hair is windswept and face joyful.



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