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I’ve spent a lot of time on trains recently… I’m at that decision-making, opportunity-grabbing, university-visiting time of my life and it involves a lot of travel. The past few weekends have called upon me to travel alone cross-country to a number of places. On one visit I ended up at Birmingham New Street Station and with an hour to fill, I got out my camera and explored a little bit. The architecture is quite something! The light also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere! Here are the photographs from the trip – if you ever get the chance, be sure to wander round this place!

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Palma Cathedral

Whilst in Mallorca, I visited Palma Cathedral which stands just above the port, and looks out to sea. It was interesting to see how such a gothic cathedral, could be made to look beautifully holy, through the use of light. In fact, Antoni Gaudí actually installed some of the candelabra here.

I couldn’t help but play around with my camera, and capture such beautiful moments! The camera doesn’t do it justice!

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I’m back again, after a spontaneous day trip to Leeds. We visited (my family and I) the Leeds Docks (before heading to the Trinity Kitchens of course!) where I was able to wander around the Leeds Royal Armouries – it’s such an awesome building and the architecture gives some great perspectives! You can look out over the city, and the rest of the docks! With free entry, I highly recommend a trip – even if just for the views! The exhibitions were also great!

I decided to experiment with alternative perspectives – looking at angles, focusing the sky rather than the whole image, trying to view the building differently etc. It was a lot of fun!

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IMG_8259 IMG_8262


Last week, I travelled to Barcelona and took so many photographs! I found that being surrounded by architecure, good weather, and city life, really inspired my creativity! Here are some of my favourite photographs!

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_MG_5451 _MG_5423 copy _MG_5709 _MG_5719_edited-1 _MG_5729


Last Tuesday, I went on a day trip to Llandudno in Wales; the views were beautiful! I spent the day wandering along the beach, drinking coffee with my Grandparents, as well as eating fish and chips. This was the first time I’ve had in a while to really go out and capture interesting photographs, that aren’t still life shots, or whatever I can find in my garden!

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IMG_4925 IMG_4931 IMG_4940 IMG_4944 IMG_4946

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