Green Green Guinea

If you have read my recent relaunch post, New Perspectives, you will know that I have recently returned from six months in Guinea, West Africa. Guinea Conakry has such a beautiful landscape! Whilst it may not have your typical safari wildlife, it has mountains of jungle, plantation and other greenery.

Unfamiliar Landscape

Flying over Guinea on our arrival was exhilarating. Expectations of desert were tossed away as we encountered such a glowing green landscape! Whilst I’m not quite sure whether this is fortunate or not, I know that seldom people know of Guinea’s existence, and even fewer have visited. It was an honour to spend so much time in such a jaw dropping country!

Here are a few of my best photos from the sixth months, although they can never truly do it justice!

Eleanor ♥







2 responses to “Green Green Guinea”

  1. Beth Newton Avatar
    Beth Newton

    Loved these photos. Looks like such a beautiful place. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip x

    1. Distinctivemode Avatar

      Thank you Beth! It’s such a beautiful place!

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