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  • Rome Travel Guide

    Rome Travel Guide

    When in Rome do what the romans do Rome. Straight roads, ancient architecture and empires come to mind. The capital of Italy is impressive and definitely worth a visit! This summer, we couldn’t hit Venice and Florence without going to Rome! Impressions: There were a lot of things that I loved and found to be…

  • Florence in 48 Hours

    Florence in 48 Hours

    Your train arrives at 12pm and you have forty eight hours to explore the vast and beautiful city of Florence. What do you do? On the way to Venice, we stopped off in Florence for two nights. Working out what you want to see and how to see it can be a little confusing so…

  • Venice Moments

    Venice Moments

    Venice is the definition of creativity. Built on water, this slightly wonky city is full of photographs ready to happen. There are art galleries, gondolas and of course, the Grand Canal. Built on one hundred small islands in the Adriatic Sea, there are no roads – you enter this interesting world of water buses and…