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  • Cycling the French Wine Region

    Cycling the French Wine Region

    Not far from Bordeaux Bordeaux is one of France’s famous wine regions. French wine is a delicacy that anyone hoping to encounter the nation’s culture must delight in. French wine production is second in the world league tables, and cycling French wine regions is certainly great travel activity. On the periphery of Bordeaux, sits the…

  • Street Photography | People in Paris

    Street Photography | People in Paris

    A collection of street photography: portraits of strangers on corners or through windows. Some people people-watch, sitting on street corners or at cafe tables. A select few reach for a note book and sketch away, creating characters with stories and adventures imagined. Yet, I find there is a frustrating sense of inactivity involved in this…

  • Pompidou | Paris

    Pompidou | Paris

    Graduating Architecture via the Pompidou Home to a large public library and the Centre National d’Art et de Culture, the Pompidou Centre in Paris is well worth a visit. An artistic statement in itself, this high-tech influenced piece of Architecture is a must see on anyone’s Paris bucket list. Having just finished my Architecture degree,…