Recently, I have been experimenting with materials and different portrait styles. It’s that time of year, when new ideas are necessary and I usually set to completing artist study after artist study! These two particular pieces focus upon mark-making and are inspired by both Andrew James and Harding Meyer. My portrait work has freed up a great deal and using looser materials such as charcoal has been really fun! It’s quick, effective, and liberating! I’ve also been using square acrylic brushes (second image) to drag/manipulate paint and I love this effect! I think you’ll definitely be seeing more expressive works in the future but for now, it’s time to experiment a little bit more before creating my next piece!

Eleanor ♥



Things have been rather quiet here over on the gallery page. That’s because between March and June I was actually working on a secret illustration contract with group magazine. I can’t explain how desperately I wanted to share my work with you nor how time consuming it was! As my first paper publication, it was a learning experience and I loved every second of it!


About the project: I was comissioned (along with a team of US student artists) to illustrate a new youth new testament bible called Pierced. Each book within the bible has it’s own book cover, designed and illustrated by one of the ten artists. We were asked to “put our own interpretation and testimony” into the artworks. I was given Ephesians, Philemon, and 2 Peter for which I used a range of mixed media. My favourite would be Ephesians – here I layered a self portrait painting over some photography. It relates to Ephesians 3:14-19 that talks about being filled with the fullness of Christ.

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The bible itself contains journalling margins for your own notes, as well as printed handwritten notes on each page to provoke thought and guide you through quiet times. These notes have been produced by another team of student writers. The books of the new testament have also been rearranged, placing each gospel at the front of four groups that consist of closely related books. It aims to provide 4 witnesses to the story of Christ. I find this layout interesting and really helpful – no more “I wonder what to read now.” Simply start with one of the gospels and follow through the group! Finally, it’s 6×9″ in size which for me is perfect – I was struggling to read my smaller bible!

The pierced bible can be purchased online from Amazon. If from the UK, you can still purchase the product from the american site – it works out at around £20 (although last time I checked it was on sale for less) once you’ve added shipping costs!

Eleanor ♥

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P.S. Although I cannot recommend this bible enough, I in no way intend to pressure people into purchasing. I was not paid to write a review and also suggest that if purchasing, you use this bible alongside a full bible. The Pierced Bible is only a New Testament resource and therefore shouldn’t be relied upon alone.

Mallorcan Sunrise

It’s been a long time since I sat down and created any sort of “art.” Due to all the travelling that I’ve been doing, whenever I’ve found myself back home, all I’ve wanted to do is rest and forget about the stacks of photographs I need to edit! However, now that I’m finally up to date with everything (and given that I discovered a small canvas at the back of my wardrobe) I set to a quick sunrise painting!

Using a photograph as a guide I began to just paint, away into the night – it sounds really great but truthfully, it was too dark to see anything so I had to pack up and finish it off later! It doesn’t look anything like the photograph either but I quite like that!

I hope to sell this piece (contact for details before it’s auctioned) but I’m enjoying it for a short while!

Eleanor ♥

Mallorcan Sunrise2W Mallorcan SunriseWMallorcan Sunrise3W

Devotional Illustration

Recently, I’ve been playing around with some illustration work, taking a look at key messages from the bible, as well as bible verses. I came up with these two ink-pen works and I really love them! The first, focuses upon what the cross means for me – we may come to Christ, feast, drink and rest. We find freedom, strength and love at the feet of Jesus so that we may then go out and share the good news. The second, takes a look at a verse in Jonah and gives imagery surrounding the story of Jonah.

Enjoy! Which is your favourite?

Eleanor ♥

Contact for comissions

bib2 w EH biblicaw

Architecture Sketches

I’ve been lacking over here on the gallery page, for two reasons… 1. I’m currently working on some commissions that can’t be published or shared yet – I’ll keep you updated on that… 2. I have an art exam coming up in 3 weeks time – help!

My art exam has the title, “Transformation,” so I seized the opportunity to look into Architecture, and how this has transformed the urban world – for my outcome, I plan to photograph buildings, then either transform these, using techniques that I’ve studied, or perhaps take these buildings out of the image, and put my own designs in the spaces!

Although I don’t have any of my own work yet, I thought I’d show you my progress – I’ve been busy studying various architects and creating some copies, or should I say, “pastiches” of their work.

Which one is your favourite? I love Rastrelli and Piano!

Eleanor ♥

P.s My camera is having a few focusing problems… I really should get it sorted!

_MG_7489 _MG_7491 _MG_7492 _MG_7494 _MG_7498 _MG_7501 _MG_7502 _MG_7503


This artwork is a multimedia piece – I photographed myself, and then painted over the top of it. Russ Mills greatly influenced this piece and I just love how expressive you can be with a little bit of red paint! It brings the piece alive. It also gave me the chance to work/experiment with different brushes and techniques in order to great texture.

What do you think?

Eleanor ♥

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Engage the Fantasy

I designed and created this painting, using acrylics, and comic strips/decalled paper. The story behind it is simply that two of my best friends recently got engaged – one likes Thor, and the other Harry Potter… After a few hours of brainstorming I came up with this – then I decided to give it as an engagement present.

Scroll down, and allow it to be revealed…

Congratulations Jordan and Chloe – have fun trying to find somewhere to put this :/

The cómic strip was sourced from here

The Harry Potter decals were from google – unfortuntely the link seems to have disappeared. If I find it ill post here, but if anyone knows of the source, dont hesitate to contact for credit purposes.

Eleanor ♥

jc1W_edited-1 jc2 W jc3W jc4W



Here’s my most recent work, “Eleanor.” By researching Nahem Shoa, I’ve produced a large scale (I can just about reach the top on the canvas when it’s on the easel!) self portrait, that focuses on vibrant colour. I’ve approached it with a “patch work style” and layered many different tones, and hues over the top of each other. I’m extremely happy with this outcome since it’s the biggest and most challenging thing I’ve done – I can’t wait to do more!

Medium: acrylic

wIMG_4763 copywIMG_4751_edited-1wIMG_4758_edited-1 wIMG_4759_edited-1



Auburn Fairytale

This painting was created, from a photograph found on Pinterest, but unfortunately no artist was stated. Please contact if you know the source!

Auburn Fairtytale - painted from a photograph found on Pinterest.

Auburn Fairtytale – painted from a photograph found on Pinterest.

Dedication Commission

Recently, I was commissioned to produce a dedication invite for a Church in Wythenshawe. This was an interesting project and I was pleased with the outcome!

For photography commissions of any sort, do not hesitate to contact via email. 

Eleanor ♥

photo copy2


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