Recently, I have been experimenting with materials and different portrait styles. It’s that time of year, when new ideas are necessary and I usually set to completing artist study after artist study! These two particular pieces focus upon mark-making and are inspired by both Andrew James and Harding Meyer. My portrait work has freed up a great deal and using looser materials such as charcoal has been really fun! It’s quick, effective, and liberating! I’ve also been using square acrylic brushes (second image) to drag/manipulate paint and I love this effect! I think you’ll definitely be seeing more expressive works in the future but for now, it’s time to experiment a little bit more before creating my next piece!

Eleanor ♥


Engage the Fantasy

I designed and created this painting, using acrylics, and comic strips/decalled paper. The story behind it is simply that two of my best friends recently got engaged – one likes Thor, and the other Harry Potter… After a few hours of brainstorming I came up with this – then I decided to give it as an engagement present.

Scroll down, and allow it to be revealed…

Congratulations Jordan and Chloe – have fun trying to find somewhere to put this :/

The cómic strip was sourced from here

The Harry Potter decals were from google – unfortuntely the link seems to have disappeared. If I find it ill post here, but if anyone knows of the source, dont hesitate to contact for credit purposes.

Eleanor ♥

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Here’s my most recent work, “Eleanor.” By researching Nahem Shoa, I’ve produced a large scale (I can just about reach the top on the canvas when it’s on the easel!) self portrait, that focuses on vibrant colour. I’ve approached it with a “patch work style” and layered many different tones, and hues over the top of each other. I’m extremely happy with this outcome since it’s the biggest and most challenging thing I’ve done – I can’t wait to do more!

Medium: acrylic