Distinctive: a characteristic that distinguishes one thing from another.

Thank you for visiting Distinctivemode, a platform that hopes to share life, encourage all and inspire good modes of living. Founded by Eleanor, Distinctivemode has evolved to be a creative media and writing collection shaped by faith and creativity.

Honest Journals, Distinctive Living:

“I believe there is power in vulnerability, and I have learnt the importance of leading in this.” Eleanor’s blogs are honest and open as she reflects and journeys through life, with the hope that through her vulnerability, Jesus may shine a light into someone else’s walk. Each blog is a true excerpt from her diary, as she walks through all the good, grace and wobbles of life in your twenties. In her writings, she focuses on the discipleship of her readers, always seeking to equip others in a range of ways.

Some of the aims of this platform, are:

  • to recognise God’s goodness and hand in life
  • to come to know and trust more of God
  • to be encouraged in the struggles
  • to understand more of biblical scripture
  • to practically apply Christian values to everyday living
  • to challenge and journey together to better pursue social justice
  • to provide accessible and applicable reflections regardless of the readers position of faith

Pages and Portfolios:

The ‘pages’ section contains honest reflections from Eleanor’s journal, and are split into two sections: Faith, and Living Well.

Faith, is where you will find more explicitly Christian blog posts that aim to build faith, inspire hope and share Jesus.

Living Well, is a more accessible and applicable section. Here, Eleanor talks about a whole range of issues and prompts readers to think about various topics. From social justice, to community living and mental health, these articles will get you thinking about how you can really live distinctively in this world. Whilst not explicitly Christian, the content naturally flows from a heart to love God, love others and imagine a restored world.

The portfolio section is host to a range of creative media and travel content. Alongside writing, Eleanor has a degree in Architecture and believes in using her creativity to reveal the beauty of this world. Grateful for every opportunity, her travel adventures are also documented and have been sources of cultural education as she continues to work and study.


As her photography work progresses, Eleanor is often open to commissions and one-off jobs. Such are often to be offered at reasonable and affordable costs relative to personal discussion. Please get in touch to discuss.