6 copyDistinctive : Serving to identify or distinguish.

I have always been an art, photography and anything creative lover! I also love to inspire, and so when I first thought about creating a space dedicated to exactly that, I couldn’t wait to get started!

I’m currently 18 and in the process of studying for a levels. For me, this period of life is mostly to be focused upon making preparations for future life but overall, a large priority is upon my individuality. We all ask ourselves, “Who am I?” and personally, I believe the real person inside us is displayed through our personalities and the way that we act towards our true family and friends – towards the ones whom we love. Therefore, to enlighten you upon my characteristics, I turned to a true friend and said, “Describe me in a triplet!” Her natural flair for English description came up with something so true to my identity: “Loving, Bubbly and Determined”.

As I journey with Distinctivemode, I plan to inspire and influence identity – not in order to sway one from straying from their own identity, but to inspire one to follow their dreams; I hope to bring about love within a community of negative media and lifestyles, as well as to simply just share my opinions, and give others insight. As a Christian, I also set out to express thoughts regarding faith, and what Christian living has to do with various issues; my faith section is a space where I can write about my passions, and help both Christians and non-Christians gain a better understanding upon many different topics. I also have a prayer request form that anyone, whether in faith or not, can fill out to receive prayer and support.

So join the journey, of creativity, the importance of being satisfied with your identity, and following your dreams, to live a life of love! Every Wednesday and Sunday!

Eleanor ♥