Palm Sunday | A Response to Humility

Palm Sunday: dating back to Christ’s journey to Jerusalem exactly one week before his resurrection. Pinpointing straight-out, important facts, Jesus rode to Jerusalem on a donkey as crowds cheered, singing, “Hosanna” and laying down not only palm leaves, but also their coats upon the roads for the donkey to walk upon…


John 12:13  So they took branches of palm trees and went out to meet him, crying out, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel!”

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Humility, would be a very appropriate term to use when describing the events of Palm Sunday. Now, lets picture a colt – dirty, lowly and unworthy; there’s no way that the Queen of England would visit your town (or say a big city such as London) riding on a horse, unprotected and without it having had a groom before hand – never mind a donkey! Its also unlikely that she would not be accompanied by a cavalry band of some sort but here, is the King of Kings, humbling himself, making himself much lower than others, and enduring what in my opinion, would be a very uncomfortable ride… But that’s the thing, despite his glory, Christ isn’t about status and wealth but is and forever will be about compassion and humility! By choosing a colt, he made himself available for all, and allowed others to be on the same level as him – don’t you see? His humility was perfect and welcoming.

Not only was this display of humility alone so magnificent, but so was the response; the crowds threw down their cloaks (that were most probably required for the journey home) and palm leaves, so that the donkey would not have to walk upon the dirty road – I can be sure that it’s not only I, that finds this slightly unusual considering that a donkey is used to such muddy, outdoor environments. Yet, looking further, this is what makes the event so significant – these people knew who was riding! He wasn’t just the healing, lowly Jesus, leader of the apostles but he was the Son of God – the Messiah! In awe, they through down their cloaks in worship, as if bowing to him, and sang “Hosanna,” which is defined as an expression of joy and adoration. Everybody in the crowds was in complete awe of Christ despite his appearance, as a lowly, colt-riding carpenter. Through his humility, they saw compassion and holiness singing, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” They weren’t just excited, but awakened as they truly experienced the King of Kings, before them – in person!

With Palm Sunday, just having passed, we can reflect upon this event in order to shape our faith. Looking at Christ’s perfect example of humility, we can ask him to help direct us towards changes in attitude – to notice our boasting or high status, turning to humility and making others equal to, or higher than ourselves, rather than being a careless, “Look at me” individual. Becoming humble is key – it causes us to fully rely on God and our identity in Christ, as we allow his word to fulfil us.

Finally, we can respond as many did that day, by going to God and declaring him as Lord – King of Kings, whilst expressing adoration and praise; when we choose to shout with Joy, for the Glory of God, we fill with Godly excitement, and passion! Recommitting to God this Easter, whether as a first or a hundredth, and choosing to live a life of love, passion and satisfaction as we walk with our father (the King over all the earth and heavens) is the start to a fulfilling life, that God so desperately wants to give us (I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full John 10:10). So respond, await and be excited about Easter!

Come back on Friday for the next post, in this year’s Easter series! What was the most exciting day of your life? I’d love to hear!

Eleanor ♥

Can there be a Loving God when Bad Happens to Good People?

Being a Christian can be tough sometimes – every now and then, we receive questions about our faith which we would love to openly answer. However, it’s always frustrating, when we don’t quite know the answer ourselves yet; we haven’t yet discovered what God has been saying to us about the issue. For me, that question (that often left me confused) was, “How can there be a loving God, when so many bad things happen to so many lovely people?” Only now, after being enlightened am I able to spread some light upon the issue…

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Firstly, something needs to be set in stone – the world is one truly messed up place! No-one can deny this; there’s crime, discrimination, terrible disasters such as earthquakes, and other more personal forms of trial. The thing is, there is good, and there is bad – opposites attract – and so there is God, and there is the devil. Also, there is sin, which ultimately separates us from God, and causes bad to affect others. But, God sent his only son, so that whoever just simply believes in him, and accepts him can live in his love and mercy; Jesus stood in the way of our sins, took our burdens and wrong doing, so that we can have a relationship with God. There will always be sin, and bad – it’s inevitable – but there is also good from God, we just have to look for it, whether its an obvious pay rise, or a subtle smile from somebody in the street…

The above can be hard to understand – that’s because God’s love is so unconditional that we don’t deserve it! We don’t deserve our wrong doings to be forgiven without punishment! Only, when we start to live in God’s light, do we come to know him, and understand for ourselves…

Recently, I came across Psalm 4 and verses 6-7 say:

6 Many, Lord are asking, “Who will bring us prosperity?” Let the light of your face shine on us. 7 Fill my heart with joy when their grain and new wine abound.

The psalmist, in this case David, refers to this commonly asked question, and he highlights the fact that we need to allow God’s light to shine upon us, and ask him to fill us with his joy. It’s simple – go to God and submit to him, and he reveals goodness in every aspect of life. It may seem that only bad things happen in this world, but that’s because often we do not  focus on God’s joy, love, and peace. God never makes the bad things occur, but unfortunately they happen; he may not take them away straight away, because otherwise we would not grow as individuals, or come to dwell in God’s love and goodness!

I do hope I managed to spread a little bit of light upon the topic – I apologise for anything that doesn’t completely make sense, after all, I’m only human! Feel free to ask any questions!


Show Me Your Face

Sometimes God hides his face from those who love him. As humans we would just give up on God, but those with spirit, feel distressed and far from him, they feel so lost and try to seek his face. He does this so that we realise our need for his presence, declare our love for him, and allow him into our whole lives, not just half of it because we are so vulnerable without him. And when we declare our love for him, calling out “Lord I can’t live without you, without your presence,” he starts to build up that passion again, that sense of presence! This is often so that we can use our experience to shape our faith and make it better. For example, take Christ, God hid his face from the one whom he loved the most, on Good Friday. But Jesus didn’t give up, he called “My God” and on that day, the world was saved with love! That passion will come back, but it’s your choice – it’s called free will! If you are distressed, you are not far from God at all, you are very close, with the spirit within you so call to God and let the new passion change your life!

Two weeks ago I did just that and instantly, I felt so happy and laughter came upon me amongst joy – I felt God surround me in a hugging presence and to the Lord, I give my whole life, that he will show me his face each day and I will follow. I am so passionate to continue to study his word and live for him – so here’s to a brand new category, dedicated to faith! Spend as much, or as little, time as you please discovering all about my faith, or use it to develop yours! Distinctivemode would not be here without God’s gift of creativity!

When was the last time you resubmitted? You may have been faithful for years like I but it’s important to resubmit!


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