Courageous Girls

A portrait series celebrating modern day Female Travel Bloggers

Girls girls girls.

We run the world.

Backpacking, hiking, pausing and laughing,

Capturing, savouring, cultivating curiosity.

From dreaming, planning, leaving,

to meeting, greeting, adventurous believing.

Collating culture, justifying difference and self-armouring the frontline,

Requires fearlessness, drawing blood sweat and tears.

But it keeps us alive.

Courageous Girls: a portrait series celebrating modern day Female Travel Bloggers

Curated by Eleanor Hyde ©

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Female travel blogs are trending all over the world. As a female traveller myself, I know how hard it can be to go solo or battle culture shock in destinations that have strict gender roles. But we do it because we find joy in this diverse, beautiful world. We fight hard to justify our experiences so that others may share in the incredible journey and encounter such rich beauty. And the beauty documented is far more profound than a visual that we share.

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