PaperspACE Childhood

PaperspACE is a bi-anual magazine published by the Architecture and Civil Engineering Society at the University of Bath. As an architecture student, I contribute to Paperspace. My Venice Moments were actually featured in last semester’s issue, Union.

The latest issue, Childhood, explores a range of topics associated with childhood and design. Our Inward section highlights various events and projects linked to the University of Bath’s Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Is the school a city or is the city a school? How do we design the fear out of therapy? Living between homes, how does architecture influence children of divorced parents? Find out in PaperspACE Issue 12.

I wrote an article (p53) on honour and shame culture. Using Guinea as a case study I explore the differences in childhood environments and question the ethic of using architecture to shield children from harsh reality.

Hardcopies of PaperspACE are also available at The University of Bath.

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