Dublin temple bar

Dublin to me, seems a combination of Amsterdam’s creative culture and America’s enthusiasm. It’s also been called a ‘little London’ in the making.

Photograph of a painted door in the https://www.littlemuseum.ie

Beth and I flew to Dublin for a city break. In just 48 hours we caught a glimpse of the crazy, poetic city. During this time we visited the Little Museum of Dublin where we were told all about the people of Dublin. Ireland as a nation has been through all sorts of tragedy and this tragedy informs various literature.

Temple Bar

Ireland is apparently famous for rain. We certainly discovered this however it made for some beautiful photographs. Wandering the cobbles of Temple Bar (a region populated by pubs hosting live folk music all day long), we dipped in and out of shelter. Grabbing a drink in The Temple Bar Pub was compulsory. Here we sat and listened to a brilliant guitarist and the lively atmosphere was the best welcome to such a vibrant city!

What’s on the List?

As with any city, there’s a huge list of incredible buildings and sites to see! 48 hours wasn’t really enough to see everything but this is what we did see:

The Spire
  • Ha’penny Bridge
  • The spire
  • Trinity College
  • Dublin Castle
  • Fusilier’s arch
  • St Stephen’s Green
  • The National Gallery of Ireland
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • The National History Museum
Dublin Castle
Ha’penny Bridge
The Long Room

The best thing we saw has to be the Long Room! As part of the Book of Kells exhibition, the Long Room is a library containing over 200,000 books. Architect Thomas Burgh has definitely left himself a legacy with this incredible space! It’s seriously like something out of beauty and the beast – there are even secret passageways located in the bookshelves for passing from alcove to alcove.

Colour and Culture

Dublin makes for a colourful city break! There is so much to do and see – just make sure you take an umbrella. Spend your time dashing in and out of museums, see how many different buildings you can find and enjoy the Irish culture.

If we’d stayed another day we probably would have travelled further out to see the Kilmainham Gaol and Phoenix Park area.

The greatest thing? Dublin is a maze to get lost in. Each time you turn a corner, the streets look different. One minute you are by a Thames-like river but before you know it, you could be in Amsterdam, or somewhere else!

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