Winter Ballin’


Winter balls mean that December seems to be full of cinderella moments. University keeps throwing balls at me and I am loving it! I mean, who doesn’t say yes to a cheeky glass of mulled wine and a dance with friends?winter ball outfitIt feels like it’s been a very long time since I encountered a British winter. Quite literally, ‘hello darkness my old friend!’ Despite the cold weather and incredibly short days, it always feels good to style up a winter-ball outfit.

However, with all of this partying and sustainable living, I did find that my wardrobe was severely lacking. I searched high and low for a fairy god mother…

Cinderella, you may not go to the ball.

I didn’t find a single thing in charity shops and was determined not to pay into fast fashion. My only option was to try and find something on the high-street that would at least fill the hole in my wardrobe and become a timeless piece.

After trying on absolutely everything, I found this jumpsuit on a whim. When I took it to the till, it turned out to be on sale for £5 which definitely saved the bank!

As much as I would love to shop sustainably, it’s so difficult to do this all of the time. I haven’t made a first-hand purchase since August and I already know that this timeless piece will stay in my wardrobe for years. That said, I totally justify this winter ball addition.

Besides, doesn’t it just cry out for a ball?

And ballin’ this lilac number went!

Cinderella you shall go to the ball!

Enjoy a few pictures from one of the balls. There’s no doubt that this jumpsuit will be making a reappearance very soon over on Instagram this Christmas period!

Is there a winter piece you’ve been loving this year? Or a little treat you’ve been denying yourself for too long?

P.S. A big thank you to Laura Stewart and Tim Craine for the photographs!


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