Persevere in Love

It’s often difficult to persevere – always loving, always caring and always putting others first. This is something I’ve been learning about lately.

Aunty Rachel

Aunty Rachel has taught me many things. Yet the greatest of these lessons has not come from words or teaching. It is modelled daily in her household…

Life as a mum of two boys is chaotic. There are mouths to constantly feed, activities to work around and a million other material needs to cover. Two parents, two children – yet not at all easy!

Add an autistic teenager to this mix and it suddenly becomes even more of a balancing act. Autism is fairly common yet unpredictable. Autistic people are so worthy and have every right to be who they are and embrace it. I know Aunty Rachel would never have Matthew be any other way!

Eleanor sits smiling next to her Aunty Rachel

Cue the awkward 2016 sunglasses shot!

However, alongside many joys, caring for a teenager has it’s tribulations. There are sleepless nights, long hours, sudden outbursts, slow mornings… you just never know! Understanding this is difficult – even when you live with it every single day.

Persevere like Paul

I have been reading about Paul’s sufferings. He writes to the Corinthians about awaiting a new eternal body in heaven, hoping in a glorious inheritance and dying to Christ. Paul was a highly persecuted christian and constantly taught the Corinthians about the reality of christianity…

We believe in a sincere God of sincere love who sent his Son to die. Have we realised the gravity of this? His hands were pierced with nails and his body hung on a cross. Dramatic trauma was caused to the lungs and respiratory system. He suffered enourmous pain until eventually, He gave up his spirit.

This trauma should compel something inside of you to do something! You should feel atrocity. Paul describes this emotion as, “dying to Christ,” and serving him no matter the cost is the product of this.

What does it look like?

Paul models what it is to die to Jesus: he discusses his pain, times of imporsionment and sleepless nights. They were times that demanded patience and understanding. There were beatings, sufferings and losses. He was treated like a foreigner. Paul lost everything he had.

Yet Paul endured because he knew that his sufferings were nothing compared to what Jesus experienced. Compared to the glorious inheritance that we will receive, the pain amounts to almost nil!

When I read Paul’s examples of endurance, I am reminded of Aunty Rachel. She endures sleepless nights, rejoices over her tiredness (or pain) and always understands. She models sincere love, is patient and is kind. Relying on the Holy Spirit, Rachel uses truth and righteousness as her weapons!


Like Paul, Rachel knows of the glory to be received in moments of dishonour. Perhaps she is unknown to the world, but she is known to her God. Sharing all she has, she awaits heavenly riches.

For Rachel is saved. Good works aren’t done to be saved, but because we are saved.

Aunty Rachel inspires me to persevere in loving others whilst living whole-heartedly for righteousness. I am learning to pursue biblical values whilst having the understanding and patience for others to realise these same values. It is time to store up treasure in heaven!

I love you Aunty Rachel for you always trust, always serve and always love!


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