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After a very long break, I’m returning with Coffee Time! Coffee Time is a monthly book review. I share books that have taught me new things or inspired something within me. So, as always, let’s all grab a coffee and get talking!

This month I am talking about a novel that I  read back in January. The Alice Network by Kate Quinn is a fantastic historical novel that follows a female spy during the first world war. The younv British woman is recruited to work in the French Alice Network. The plot follows two parallels: the horrors of an Alice Network spy and an American searching for a disappeared cousin. The plot then comes together when the traumatised, drunken spy meets the desperate cousin searching for answers.

Alternative Sides

I couldn’t put this book down! Based on a true story, you find yourself living the life of a female spy. You encounter the truths behind the Alice Network and horrors are exposed. It really opens your eyes to a previously hidden side of war. As a lover of history I find the parallels allow two time periods (1910s and 1940s) to intertwine providing a war and post-war perspective.

The Sufferings

The greatest thing I took from this novel was the consequences of the war for the female spies in the Alice Network. Not only were they essentially neglected and starved, but when fleeing dangerous situations they were sent back to the field. This led to time spent as prisoners of war – even murder! These women suffered on behalf of our country, sourcing as much information as they could and were tortured for it. Our country owes so much to these women!

I definitely recommend giving The Alice Network a read. If you love history, are interested in intelligence or simply want to learn from strong females, this will certainly inspire you!

Have you read any other books that tell of strong, suffering women?

Eleanor ♥

Find The Alice Network Here:

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