Imagine Having No water…

Lately the question has been, “how was your trip?” As if I can summarise six months of my life in a sentence. Of course this is not something that I hold against people, for how could they possibly understand what it’s like to spend so much time in another culture? Besides, I love it when people ask me about my time overseas!

However, one thing I can share today is a testimony as to how mighty prayer can be. Not only have I seen miracles but I’ve developed strong prayer foundations that I am sure will carry me through the future.

Imagine having no water

Our biggest struggle as a team was water. After two weeks of living abroad, our water supply completely cut off and was pretty much finished for the six months. You can probably imagine how difficult this proves to be – ever had no hot water? You are frantically boiling kettles to fills baths. Now imagine no water at all.

We didn’t have a well. We had no tap water. What we did have was a ration of “bidons” (10 litre jerry cans) to last us for however long it was needed. This obviously wasn’t a long term solution and we were unable to refill the bidons ourselves. Worrying about this was incredibly stressful.

However in all situations, we turned to God in prayer not just wishing but anticipating that God will provide what we ask for in his will. After about four weeks of praying daily, our siesta was interrupted by a loud gushing sound… On inspection we discovered that our water tank was overflowing with water! This was such an unexpected miracle! Those one thousand litres lasted us just over a month.

Prayer is a Powerful Weapon

God didn’t just answer with a short term relief miracle but as the tank began to run dry again, he provided a long term solution. A local offered to bring us water from his well whenever we needed it and so faithfully, he brought 30 litres every single day in return for fuel.

And so as I have committed to praying (not just once but every single day) and trusting in God, I have learnt that God really does answer prayer. In the past six months I have witnessed God move incredibly: healing from illnesses; bringing an end to in-country strikes; protecting our house at night; providing results in our teaching; speaking to my heart…

13 You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. 14 Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it! John 14:13-14(NLT)

As a result, I challenge you: commit to praying for something every single day and believe that it will be given. Be patient and anticipate the outcome – if it pleases God, he will answer!

What are you going to pray for? Have you ever prayed to God before? Try it!

Eleanor ♥

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