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Whilst all previous Coffee Times have incorporated lessons learned from books, as we step into September I want to discuss visual media also. Over the past month I have encountered and experienced so many influential things however there was one spectacular and inspiring moment that stands above it all… Kynren.

Photograph taken from official Kynren website and gallery

Photograph taken from official Kynren website and gallery

Kynren is a 90 minute outdoor show directed by the Olympic ceremonies veteran, Steve Boyd engineering a cast and crew of 1500 volunteers to tell the story of the history of England, with a particular emphasis focusing upon the surroundings of County Durham. Starting at sunset, you are immersed in a timeline of tales complete with scenery, live animals, music and fireworks. It’s incredible and certainly indescribable. So indescribable that the best I can do to explain is link to the trailer, here.

But what was so inspiring? Kynren not only contains amazing visuals but also incredible lessons. First of all, stories and scenes transition fluently, all linking with the aid of large props and stage sets, hidden under a water reservoir ready to be elevated in time. Although I previously studied history, I have always struggled to piece together the whole time line of British History and the 29 scenes for me were that final Eureka moment. I found my mind was able to process all stories from monks, saxons, vikings… up until the first and second world war.

There was a valuable message amongst all of this. The show follows a young boy called Arthur, who travels in time through all of these generations and grows older as he transitions throughout them. He comes into contact with “the old Arthur” early on whilst still young and as he moves throughout history, he is counselled. The message? To learn from previous generations of leaders, lead your in present generation and make way for the new generation of strong leaders to come. The fundamental in all of this, is simply: let generations inspire you!

There have been some incredible forces of change in our country including Saint Cuthbert, Julius Ceasar, Shakespeare, Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill… All of these people we admire – but may we dig deep. Let us research them, read their stories and think about the things that they brought about. From this, may we hold onto the influences that we find, allowing them to raise us up as great leaders also. All historical figures came from ordinary backgrounds. Likewise, new generations will rise up – and we can be a part of that! Yet all generations must also step down – may we gracefully make way for the new, younger Arthur…

With this I ask, is there a historical figure that you admire? Why? How can they influence your decisions and actions? Or perhaps, could you learn something by digging in and being curious about a figure you’ve never really listened to?

Kynren is an old word meaning “generations.” So lets learn from Kynren this September!

Eleanor ♥


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