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It’s been a long time since I last updated the gallery page. Firstly, I was busy finishing my A level portfolio which ended up taking until the end of May! Following this I found myself creatively exhausted and inundated with other jobs that I’d previously placed to the side. But when I finally picked up a paintbrush at the start of August, I found myself refreshed with new ideas! In fact I dedicated a whole week to 3 canvases, all of which I am sharing today.

I created these works for a charity art sale, and therefore wanted to create a variation of works that would appeal to different audiences. These works are still on sale via the DistinctivemodeART etsy shop. All profits go to BMS Action Teams (more info over there) and whilst prices are listed, I am completely open to negotiation.


Passion Fruit Here I was experimenting with fruit. I wanted something abstract and perhaps something with a floral element. I bought a range of fruits, cut them, sliced them, and prised them open. After photographing them all I chose to paint this beautiful passion fruit. It has energy and warmth which is exactly what I wanted to capture! In fact this designed stemmed from some of my earlier college work surrounding art and beauty, so now that I have finished fine art studies, I am thrilled to finally be able to realise a long awaited design.

Ocean Blue This painting brings back fond summer memories, spending afternoons sat by the beach. I live for the seaside – it calms me, clears my lungs and brings me to life. Inspired by Eric Zener, I wanted to capture all of these emotions in a painting. I sat, comfortable as water washed around me. Stripping the subject back to have bear legs really emphasised the deep intimate connection I have with nature and particularly the beach. I couldn’t help but darken the water and make it swirl around me, visually portraying the life that it inspires.

I’m really pleased with this – I’ve never really worked to include water in my paintings before and the design itself was sketched out from my own imagination and memory. The painting holds so much of my own emotion.

Little Soviet If you’ve been following the Baltic 6 series, you’ll definitely recognise this! I painted the scene from St.Petersburg. I found myself standing by the road in St.Petersburg when this soviet car just happened to drive past. In the background you can make out other shapes of vehicles, blurring into each other – it transports me back to the very fast-pace city moment. St Petersburg is an incredibly busy city – I think this painting captures this essence. There are cars everywhere, but a little, red, soviet car was a rare sight!

Please do support the charity and claim one of these paintings – considering the cost of paints they really are amazing value!

Eleanor ♥

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