Here’s to the Future!

If you have been following the Distinctivemode Facebook page, you will have been updated on the new adventures to come. Quite simply, when I first started Distinctivemode almost 4 years ago, I set out to be as creative and exploratory as I could. I intended for the site to be an open space. However as life has become busier, the blog has become less and less creative. I found myself posting what was needed – not what was distinctive. Perhaps the content from a viewer’s perspective was commendable however I myself was not happy with such publications.


I took the decision to break for a little while, have small redesign and seriously reconsider this blogging platform. I want to create original content that excites me, produces strong visuals and simply reflects my evolving personality. Sticking to what I have always posted just isn’t cutting it – Distinctivemode aims to inspire identity and seek out character influence. How can this be so if I’m not posting something that I’m all in for 100%?

So what changes will we see? If your a part of the fan-club-population that instantly replied to the Facebook update with, “but how much will you change? It will be a disappointment to see some of it go,” then do not fear. My aim is not to turn the community inside out. Sticking to the same four categories, I simply plan to be more creative in the way that I present content, experiment with new ideas (for example, I have a “draw my life” post planned) and create a couple of new series. One of the larger aims is to talk about more relevant, current issues that allow us to engage and learn. I have a passion for learning, reading and reflecting that has recently been neglected.

My goals for 2017 were to be more creative and more aware of the world around me, whether this be world news, reading more non-fiction sources and simply exploring new avenues. Whilst I have been doing this behind the scenes, it’s time to now bring it to the blog. _MG_1367

I’d like to think that these small, creative changes bring a fresh look and provide content that is a lot more interesting to read. No more rambling posts. But rather real, engaging content that provokes thought and serves to identify or distinguish. 

Here’s to the future, the experimental and the thought-provoking! Our journey continues as we look to be distinctive, develop our identity and keep learning as we go!

Eleanor ♥

P.S. Come back Sunday 4th June for the first of our relaunch! We are kick-starting with a brand new series!

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