Beyond Frames

As trivial as it may seem, something I’ve never talked about online is my glasses. As a fashion blogger you may think that I’d have shared them with you from day one. I have been relying on frames for almost three years now and although they may have featured in a few photos, I have always been one to hide them…

I can’t imagine life without glasses now! It’s sounds so strange to me to write these words but it’s the truth! However for some reason I have always felt as though frames expose me. It’s as if when you wear glasses, people categorise you as a “glasses wearer.” Not to mention, there are even some people who view your glasses as a part of you – what?! Wearing glasses does not define who I am. Perhaps the frames that I chose may reflect my personality, but merely they are nothing more than clothes._MG_0946c

Wearing glasses should feel beautiful. It’s funny how some days I’ll wear contact lenses and notice how people look at me differently. Other days I won’t even do my make up knowing that my glasses will hide any efforts. Why am I doing this?! It’s time I make eye contact with people and fearlessly wear my frames. Perhaps I can’t see things too well anymore, but I have at least learnt to look beyond a frame.

Glasses are starting to become more popular and I cannot express how great that is for fellow glasses-wearers. The variety of frames these days gives so many people an opportunity to feel bolder! I currently wear converse frames and definitely recommend them! Recently I’ve fallen in love with wearing glasses again and it truly is beautiful. Although I still cannot deny that there are days when I wish I didn’t need to. Some days I feel as though my frames are too bold – as if they attract stares. I know this sounds ludicrous but if you wear glasses 24/7 like I do, you probably understand._MG_0964c

I guess what I am trying to say is this: wearing glasses is beautiful. But it’s time we redefined the subject of this beauty – the eye. It’s time we looked beyond frames and made genuine eye contact. It’s time we made an effort to compliment people’s eyes – it really would make such a difference!_MG_0949c

To all glasses wearers: I challenge you to be bolder this week!

To those who don’t wear glasses: I challenge you to start complimenting people’s eyes and refuse to stare at frames.

Eleanor ♥

2 thoughts on “Beyond Frames

  1. I love this post Eleanor! As a glasses wearer I can completely understand and relate. I love that you shared this as so many people need to hear it! ☺

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