Best Interests

2017 so far has been a real challenge… I got my hopes up about an application to Cambridge university despite knowing that chances were incredibly slim. I received an interview but later was rejected. At first I kept questioning God and then once I’d got fed up of doing that, I then started to question myself with, “I could have done this better… Or maybe if I’d have said this…”


The truth is it just wasn’t God’s plan and one day I have to face up to that – I must be willing to trust his plan. In fact it’s only over the past few days as I visited the university now first in line, that I realised why God has closed such a door. Don’t get me wrong – Cambridge is a dream! However it turns out that this other university also has great career opportunities and their syllabus seems to line up will all of my architectural interests – completely! For example the course is centred on the collaboration between architecture and engineering (something I’m 100% interested in and often a controversial opinion that can be neglected). Not to mention the city looks amazing!

Now I can see that God has all my best interests in mind and I can’t wait to see where He leads me! I just have to keep going and push onward to get the grades that I need now. But I’m fully confident that if I try hard, God will work through my weaknesses and get me to the right place (hopefully the university currently in mind but if not, somewhere better)! Don’t be afraid to trust him! Try hard and God will honour that!

“See I am doing something right before your eyes that you wont believe though it’s staring you in the face” Acts 14:31

Eleanor ♥

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