Left Completely Speechless?

If there’s one thing that truly makes me speechless time and time again, it’s the generosity of grandparents. Have you ever just stood, embraced in their warmth as they shower selfless love upon you? No matter how many times you try to refuse, it just keeps coming..

I’m very fortunate to have two wonderful sets of grandparents both of which never cease to care for me. Whether it’s encouraging me with random, “I’m proud of you” moments, purchasing little gifts, giving up their time to do things with me or even offering to help financially, their generosity always overwhelms me. As a child, all four of my grandparents seriously influenced the person that I became. I am extremely grateful. Through each of them I’ve learned how to love and been led to know that I am precious.

Over the Christmas period I was able to spend quite a lot of time with my grandparents. However one occurrence provoked a little more within me that usual. Following some beautiful and thoughtful gifts, my Grandma kindly offered to take me on a December morning shopping trip. We got up early, chatted on the way, shopped around and enjoyed our traditional Grandma-Grandaughter sales-shopping. As she proceeded to treat me to a coffee I suddenly felt convicted – her generosity overwhelmed me. My reaction? This time, I wanted to buy the coffee. It was the best I could do in such a moment…

“No don’t be daft – I’m paying,” was the fierce response I received. Boy was that one line a pounding strike in the stomach, winding me unable to argue. In such a speechless moment I had no other option but to accept her generosity – that which quite frankly, I didn’t deserve!

The endless generosity of my grandparents is a daily reminder of the cross – Christ’s agape love. Agape is undeserving, eternal and heart throbbing. We have moments when our minds recall our shame, guilt and weakness but by dying on the cross, Jesus has said, “don’t you dare pride yourself into earning this gift!”

At the cross we are left completely speechless. We cannot repay such a life-changing gift. Only can we accept such a blessing and offer ourselves in service, by showing and investing in this loving relationship.

Be grateful, open up to generosity, love your grandparents and let Christ’s love be gifted to you!

Eleanor ♥

P.S. Photo credit goes to my cousin Matthew for capturing such a beautiful moment back in the Summer!
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