2017 | Where Are We Heading This Year?

With 2017 comes a fresh start, renewed goals and exciting opportunities. Where are we heading this year?


Firstly, I already have great plans for 2017! As I prepare to finish my A-level studies, I also plan to encounter the extraordinary. Unfortunately I cannot discuss much of this with you just yet, but I can say that I don’t plan to move on towards university just yet and this in itself (from August onward) will bring a whole lot of adventure!

But what goals are we striving towards as a Distinctivemode community? Unlike previous years, we won’t be launching a big year-long project. Although previous years have been incredibly successful, creativity calls for change and with many new opportunities about to rise, I know that the changes 2017 will bring cannot be predicted. I also want to experiment a little more with the content on this platform!

However, there are a few things that I personally hope to achieve, which will come to life through this blog…

Create: creativity is such a big part of my life! As an art student and blogger, creative practise is vital. Unfortunately over the past 2 years, smaller creative practises have been pushed to the side in order to prioritise bigger projects. I miss planning photo shoots, filling sketchbooks and being more experimental with my writing. In 2017 I plan to sketch more, put together photography projects, redecorate, brainstorm ideas, engage in crafts and produce artwork! As part of this goal, I aim to write more songs, and also branch outwards into film: documenting days out, memorable events and other creative visuals.

Educate: 2017 will bring college education to a close and already I can look towards the achievements waiting to be secured. However, as 2016 came to an end, I couldn’t help but crave a little more substance. I may have a focused high-level knowledge in a few areas, however a recent encounter inspired me to pay more attention. What do I mean by this? In 2017 I want to widen my knowledge in the following ways: follow world issues and news headlines; learn new, small skills; improve general knowledge; read more classics; read non-fiction texts; study “big questions” and form judgements. My hope is that as I journey towards becoming more “world aware,” this will influence my writing and allow Distincitvemode to become a more current and educated community! Who knows where this will lead us…

Other smaller goals include saving funds for travel, passing exams and continuing to journey in faith.

Lets step into 2017, and journey towards becoming more creative and more world aware!

What are your goals?

Eleanor ♥
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