Jeremiah’s Cage | Is It Really Worth It?

Have you ever read the book of Jeremiah? It tells the story of a very disobedient people – so much so that the Lord became angry. Why? Because the world he’d created to be beautiful had turned against itself and become one of division… It did not look pretty!


In chapter 15, we see a conversation between God and Jeremiah that’s one of encouragement! Jeremiah feasted upon the word of the Lord a in a time of destruction he took delight in truth, living as an ambassador for God. His whole life was excited by God’s word…

However Jeremiah was alone. He had separated himself from the company of those who were disobedient. In other words, he made an effort to live a good and righteous life in a cultural trend of “major disobedience.” One could say that he was more that a little bit unpopular. Perhaps you can understand how this feels? I certainly do. Sometimes living for God can mean that we feel as though we are living in a cage. Sometimes when we say no to something that everybody else is saying yes to, we begin to question whether we are truly living freely at all.

Like with Jeremiah, we have been set apart and when we question, “is this really worth it?” God replies: “Repent and I will restore you. Utter words of truth – the truth that you are to take delight in rather than the lies that you’ve been letting yourself believe. You Insert Name, who takes delight in my word will be my spokesperson!”

God instructed Jeremiah, “do not turn to them, but wait for them to turn to you.” It takes patience but God promises to build a wall of people in his name! God keeps his promises. Perhaps at times, Jeremiah felt lonely and impatient, but by holding onto the word of God, being set apart in his community and praying often, he became part of a greater plan! A plan rewarded with salvation!

I love this picture of God building up a wall of people! Whenever it seems as though we are the only people living for God in our community, we can take delight in this promise! Being set apart and saying no when others are saying yes does not reduce the quality of our lives! From experience, when I have stepped out in faith, God has provided other Christians to encourage me as well as to associate and enjoy the freedom of salvation with – what a reward?!

Do you feel as though you are in Jeremiah’s cage? Take delight in the word of God – study it and feast upon it! God is calling you to set yourself apart, trust His plan and enter the freedom of salvation!

Eleanor ♥






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