I’m Going Home!

“This world is not what it was meant to be. All this pain, all this suffering. There’s a better place waiting for me in Heaven”

Do you believe this? Do you? It takes great faith to squint your eyes and for a split second, free yourself from the limits of our human knowledge – to take a hold of hope. It takes a much greater faith to hold onto this hope – to persevere in running the race and achieving the prize!

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But do you believe? My question to you is where are you going? I can stand and say to you, “there is a home for you in heaven – Jesus has gone there already, to prepare a place for you!” But nothing I say will ever secure you a place – it’s up to you.

There is a better place waiting for you in heaven – every tear will be wiped away and we will dance on seas of amazing grace! Life is hard and sometimes it seams like the world is destined for failure. Let me tell you that indeed, this world is corrupt – switch on the news and within five minutes you’ll have had your fill of upsetting stories, or inhuman acts. However God sent his one and only son so that whoever believes in Him, shall not die but have eternal life (John 3:16) and when we choose to have faith we enter the adoption to sonship! Yes that’s right – if we have courage to throw off everything and invite Jesus in, God marks us with a seal that reads “my beloved.”

We can all be children of God!

I’m going home – where the streets are golden, every chain is broken, fear is gone and I’m in His open arms,where I belong! HOME.

Lay down your burdens and your past. Run to Jesus and do not turn back – all the days of your life, run to Him so that on that day, you may stand breathless and say, “God I chased you with all of my heart! Even when I could not see, I chose to have faith – for faith is believing in what we do not see and being fully confident in what hope for.”

I’m going home! Where are you going? 

Eleanor ♥

P.S this post was inspired by Chris Tomlin’s new song HOME.






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