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Oh my goodness it’s October! May I start by wishing you Happy International Coffee Day (sorry I had to) for yesterday, and give my apologies for not having the greatest online presence recently! September is always a fast-pace month when trying to adjust to new routines. Not only am I reminded today of my need to dedicate time more often to the things I love (that being Distinctivemode) but also, that we are 3/4 of the way through our year or Grace Cherish Go! So what’s new?


September saw the final return to college/school or whatever you want to call it! Year 13 is the big one – the make it or break it. At least that’s what we get told pretty much everyday… At first, I expected things to increase in difficulty, pressure to double and time to reduce by 50%. However God has been very gracious! By choosing to trust God  and take on all 4 subjects at A level, being stricter on myself in terms of prioritising time for rest and collaborating with others, I’ve really wrapped myself up in grace. This month I encourage you to persevere in the everyday and make time to rest!

I’ve cherished a lot of small memories this month – quick coffee stops, nights in with friends and good books! It’s so important to cherish these little moments because they build character and gratitude! That’s another thing I’ve challenged myself to do – organising more friendship “dates.” It’s a great way to encourage each other and rest in the grace of God!

Finally, the Go aspect of 2016 really hit off at the beginning of the month as I was involved in launching a mission week at WVBC. During this time it was so great to see people come inside our cafe and encounter a welcoming face, get to know church members a little bit more and encourage everybody to use their gifts/talents. It was so successful and we are now praying and looking to see how else we can continue to serve our community! Perhaps you can’t all launch an outreach programme, or set up a cafe but you can invite somebody in! Or maybe you could give a neighbour a card that says “I’m here – want to chat?” Building friendship is a small start that will grow into an encounter with God!

I also took time this month to read a book called Game Changers by Gavin and Anne Calver. It’s about encountering God and having the faith to share such experiences with others! It’s really challenged me this month to go step by step, praying for others, loving others and sharing through friendship! Based upon the example of Moses, I really recommend it – reading one chapter each day as my “quiet time” was a great way to get to grips with each concept.

What next? I continue to praise God for all that He has done this year in me and through me. I praise Him for how he has equipped me with Distinctivemode and how it’s now forming a community. Most of all, I continue to seek where God is leading and encourage all you readers to do that to!

Here’s to October – lets have more grace, cherish those smaller memories and build up community friendships!

Eleanor ♥

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