How To Stop Feeling So Empty

This summer I had some very high expectations. I wanted to accomplish 1 million things and make the most of 7 weeks free. I had lists of books to read, uni applications to sort, a desire to socialise to the max, daily workout programmes planned, recipes to try, and even new instruments to learn… yet no matter how many of these things I did and accomplished, neither how many times I made plans with friends, the summer still felt empty.

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It wasn’t until week 4 that I discovered why. I was too focused upon temporary wealth. Instead of lowering my expectations, and being thankful,  I was storing everything in a temporary accomplishment only to desire something else later. You see wealth is temporary – but “better the poor whose walk is blameless.” Instead of desiring more, it’s time to place all of our hopes and expectations in Jesus who does not change like the shifting shadows.

When we do this, and take time to read his word, pray, and listen to his answer, we learn how to cherish life. We learn how to live, how to serve, how to selflessly enrich someone else’s heart with the love of God, for the glory of God. When we do this, in these moments,  we are filled with the holy spirit, which allows us to serve more, have more patience, and mostly, have a share in the rich, everlasting, glory of Christ.

Instead of seeking more achievements, more money, or better situations this week, make a sacrifice, choose to be thankful, and be filled with love for one another! Make summer memorable by putting your faith (whether in Christianity, Humanity, or other religions) into action!

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