The Prayer Guide

Prayer is a word we often come across – but what significance does it have? We find ourselves looking at an almost non-existent boundary between the idea of prayer, and the idea of God. What do I mean by this? I guess many times, one could be presented with a situation, responding with “it’s in my prayers,” without actually being religious….

But what does prayer mean within a Christian community? Is there a certain way we should pray? Did Jesus pray?

Welcome to the prayer guide!


Luke 22:39-46

Is there a specific place to pray?

The truth is, Jesus did pray, and he prayed regularly. Jesus often went up to the Mount of Olives, this being somewhere quiet, focused and dedicated to God. In this passage particularly, we can see that Jesus didn’t just pray randomly, in somewhere brief or convenient, but He made an effort to go up onto the mountain. As He went, the walk most probably cleared his mind, allowed him to consider what to pray for, and then once at the top, He was able to pray alone, with no distractions.

Isn’t it time that we follow Jesus’ example? We are to dedicate a regular time and place to prayer. It’s vital – whether a chair, a room, a walking route, or somewhere else, meeting God in a dedicated place regularly allows us to truly come before God. Make it daily, and start by trying different places, that are available to you. Of course, pray between each time (for we are to pray continually in all walks of life) but make this one spot a place where you may come, prepare yourself, and pray sincerely for the day.

What are we supposed to pray for?

We are to pray for whatever is on our hearts – for God knows our hearts anyway, and wants us to open up to Him. Whether thankfulness, forgiveness, requests, and also just chatting… God is our friend.

However, in this passage Jesus also advises us to “pray that we don’t fall into temptation.” Until now, I’ve never really considered this, but I can only imagine how much of a difference it must make! 1. If I pray this before I even start to pray, then my prayer time will be much more effective – the Holy Spirit will guide me in how to pray, and most importantly, help me to ignore distractions. I can really, earnestly listen to God. 2. If I pray this at the end of my prayer time, and at the beginning of the day, then how much more will I accomplish in the strength of Christ? If I ask God to bless me with his Spirit, it will be granted and I can hopefully say yes to Jesus (and no to sin) more often!

Jesus also teaches us to pray “not my will but yours. ” This doesn’t ignore our feelings, but rather acknowledges them, grants grace and gives us the hope of a greater plan. Jesus also prayed more earnestly when He was in anguish. When situations don’t go our way, or prayers aren’t answered, we are to kneel before God, seek his guidance, and ask his peace to change our hearts towards His greater plan! For God answers every prayer – when there’s no yes, it’s because there is something else! Jeremiah 29:11 “”for I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.””

Is prayer just something to coach us from the sidelines?

Finally, Jesus tells his disciples to stop sleeping, and start praying. Sometimes, we may find that life is a little bit boring, tiring, basic, or still… Whether we are content, facing troubles, or just going about our ordinary day, God doesn’t want us to just sit in it, or “sleep.” He wants us to include him! Our prayer life should be active, and our relationship personal! We are to pray always, and walk hand in hand with God.

Prayer is powerful, and Christ led such a great example. May you continue to walk in faith, live in prayer, and come to know our great and compassionate Father!

Do you have a place dedicated to prayer? Is there somewhere you would like to start dedicating for this purpose?

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