Uninvited Honesty

We can really fail at honesty, can’t we? Perhaps we don’t lie too often, however, we can find ourselves avoiding controversial topics, or situations that should be addressed…

Honesty doesn’t just speak of truthful answers, but also the courage that comes with voice. Sometimes honesty calls us to be open – even when no one is calling. It calls us to be truthful, and participate in honesty…

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2 Timothy 2:15 “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

In relation to family, I’ve always been one to breeze past certain situations, and avoid bringing them into conversation – I feel awkward and uncomfortable, and I also fear the outcome. This discomfort is particularly present whenever decisions are dependent.

Until recently, I’ve always kept a lot to myself – but God began to change my heart. When faced with a tough decision, that could have potentially caused a few friendship issues, I was reluctant to get honest. The more I prayed, the more that God humbled me to speak out. He called me to ask my Mum for advice, and enlighten her… I feared what she would say and I felt incredibly awkward…

I’d much rather have fended for myself.

However, once I left my comfort zone and embraced the truth, I found myself falling into freedom. I gained advice, deepened my relationship with my Mum, and no longer feared the outcome of either decision. In that precious moment, the truth and love of Christ came and rested upon me.

Getting honest when uninvited is uncomfortable – but God’s shown me that it’s important. It’s freeing. It allows me to speak against fear. Honesty isn’t just about saving ourselves when questions are thrown, but also, having enough courage and grace to share experiences, feelings, and thoughts without a second motive.

When we grow in truth, we also grow in the love of Christ, and the knowledge of His grace.

Start speaking out, get honest, and don’t just wait to be invited!

Eleanor ♥






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