Six Months | Grace Cherish Go

With June almost over, and a missed month of May, there’s a heck of a lot to catch up on! Where has Grace Cherish Go seen us, and where else will it lead? Not only have I been crazily busy making memories myself, but I’ve been overwhelmed (in a good way) by new connections, the growth of “Go,” and the renewal of Grace…

Grace: At the half way mark, I am thankful to say that in my individual life, this Grace goal (daily stress relief) has been achieved, and is now a compulsory part of my day. Investing time in myself, in the quiet, and switching off has not only brought self-grace, but built my confidence, and softened my heart towards others. By sparing time for myself, I’ve been more productive, more pro-active, and discovered a greater understanding for all those around me. The grace aspect of this year’s project has been a silent one – something that often occurs in the background. However, it’s thriving, and its great to see so many follow in seeking rest, gaining encouragement, and simply pausing in the present! Let’s keep going!

Cherish: This year has been full of personal memories! Some highlights would be speaking at youth events, attending family parties, and lots of travel! I have put together this quick video for those of you who want to see what I’ve been up to!

Go – when I first set out to include more mission work in my life, I never realised how great this would look! Initially, we set out together as a community, with small little RAOK’s in mind, along with the odd conversation… How much more God had in store! In fact, so much so that last month I didn’t even get chance to sit down and write our regular GCG review! What I hoped would be an online project, has accelerated into a present, real world community! I’ve seen God work through this goal, granting me the opportunity to attend the Insight Event, and grow Distinctivemode as a community; I’ve been involved in setting up a college Christian Union, that’s now looking at organising a retreat for student families; found myself attending baptisms after baptisms; and altogether just building relationships with others! If there’s one thing I’d encourage us all to do this July, it would be to strike up new friendships, encourage old ones, and take all the opportunities that come our way!

So that’s us where we are now! I continue to run towards this year of Grace Cherish Go, and encourage all of you to start having Grace for yourself, Cherishing memories with gratitude, and Going out with encouragement!

Eleanor ♥

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