When Extrovert Screams Introvert

As an extremely extroverted person, I’m always striving to share, encourage and simply do. So much so, that when it comes to rest, I never quite get round to it – because I delight in being exposed to people, new places, and challenges…


Unfortunately, my inner extrovert never really rests – until I crash. Every month or so, I find myself screaming inside, not out, but into myself. It’s as if my heart is pulling everything inwards – it’s a strange feeling that I’ve learnt to recognise.

This desire for somewhat of a closure continues, until I stop, and step into the life on the introvert. It sounds a little funny right? But it’s actually such a challenge. When my instincts are pointing towards the extrovert, and I’m surrounded by the things that wouldn’t normally phase me, it’s very hard to find space to just be…

I can end up going almost 36 hours until I find a space! Stimulated by caffeine, I pace through youth groups, hosting socials, and put up with the air-guitar tunes thudding inside my home… It all gets a little crazy as my body suddenly becomes very sensitive to my extrovert environment.

When I eventually find a little quiet, closed off from the world, my tightening grip relaxes, and my mouth pulls into a smile… I grab my one-too-many-th coffee (vowing that it’s the last for at least a couple of days), head upstairs, put some worship on low, and simply be…

Daily quiet time is an essential part of my life – its the one time I get to rediscover my identity in Christ, to refuel, and experience the introvert.

When we pause, invite God into our presence, and reflect, we find rest. If we don’t learn to shut out the world on a regular basis, it can all get a little crazy.

Quiet time is number 6 on my list of priorities, but I want it to be number 2 (God himself number 1.) Why? Because when we come to rest, feast on his word, and just be with God, we find such strength and the truth of our identity. So that we may then go out and face the day.

Quiet time comes in so many different forms – find a place and time that works for you. Go for a walk, read a verse (or chapter), listen to music, pray, be silent….

We don’t always get it right – I crash regularly! But God is loving and He never lets go. Because when our personalities forget to pause, He softens our hearts to find a spacious place…

Next time you feel like it’s all a little bit crazy, run to God!

How do you spend your quiet time?

Eleanor ♥






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