An Uphill Sprint

6am Wednesday comes, I stir at my alarm clock, and before I’ve even come to my senses, I’m kitted out, hydrated and out the door. Running, breathing, reaching…


To some, rising one hour early to run a 5.5k route sounds like their worst nightmare but for me, there’s nothing greater. Running is my rhythm; one year after starting out, I can’t imagine life without it. I run Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays – whatever the weather. I need not force myself for I know how great it makes me feel.

Once adrenaline kick starts, your body awakens, and your posture becomes focused, running becomes entirely about mindset. Wednesday 6am routes are my favourite – the neighbourhood is mine. Yet it’s also the hardest…

50% of the trail is uphill, and this takes a powerful mindset. I can either choose to dwell upon the strain in my muscles and quit early by pausing to “stretch,” or I can drive, watch the sunrise, and thank God for the 6am wonders of this world: the birdsong, fresh dew, deserted nature trails, and even the odd pheasant. I don’t even live in the country side!

When you choose to persevere, and fall into the rhythm of a small world, it’s amazing just how much you can conquer. When we are faced with an uphill sprint (that perhaps does make us pant) we have a choice: quit early, or pace it with the sunrise. Go slow, and watch the light of the situation unveil…

In the same way, when we eventually reach the home front, we are able to stand alive, energised and full of life – yes perhaps a little sweaty, but never left feeling defeated nor deflated. Perhaps our legs will ache a little – but this only reminds us of how much we have accomplished. We stand, ready for breakfast, and ready to refuel.

When life reaches 6am Wednesday, we have a choice to make. Focus on the hill climb, or run at it, as you revel in the small delights of sunrise. Feel deflated or know what it’s like to feel alive.

Persevere: focus on the blessings in life, knowing that this precious moment only comes around once a week. Overcome your challenges in order to delight in the sunrise!

What’s your 6am Wednesday challenge?

Eleanor ♥

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