The In Sight Event

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the In Sight Event in the North East of England, where many girls from across the region came together. During the day we looked into our past, present and future, whilst also getting the opportunity to get to know and encourage one another…

Graphic created by the In Sight Event team
Graphic created by the In Sight Event team

The day consisted of seminars, work shops, hot chocolate, cake, a polaroid photo booth, and so many more great activities. In essence, it was truly wonderful to look into hindsight – what our past looks like, what we need to leave behind, and how much God has done; in sight – what it means to be in the present, and how important it is that we get up and go; foresight – all about how we are on a journey, and perhaps that is different to what we may presently imagine.

I originally ended up at the insight, when I was invited to assist lead worship and share my testimony. Do you know what? I am so glad I said yes! Amongst a term of exams, I easily could have said no, due to worries for the future but by giving God my future, forgetting my past, and focusing on the present ministry opportunity, I “ate and was satisfied.” Something which we had discussed during the event!

It was also so great to see so many respond to my testimony, and get on board with Distinctivemode as a community and source of encouragement – so welcome to all you wonderful girls!

All in all, God is our future, present and past! The in sight event rocked – and it’s such a great way to minister to girls of all ages!

Why not host a girls event where you are? If you were there, what was you favourite thing about the insight event?

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