What’s Your Grounding?

The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you! It’s a treasure, a wonderful mystery, and it’s been planted in your heart. God has chosen to reveal himself to all of you and that is such an honour.


Often, the word of God, to those who perhaps don’t have a faith yet, or haven’t encountered God, can sound like a myth. As one who has never known a day without Jesus, this is bizarre to me – How can anyone survive happily without knowing an all loving God, who brings peace amongst fear, and love amongst hate? Our generation is missing the mark – so many people lack understanding when it comes to who God really is, over the mythical religion that He’s stereotyped to rule.

As one with a small seed, whether by having read a single blog post, or having walked with God your whole life, how does this make you feel?

God has planted a seed within us and he has chosen to reveal his love, and his truth to us so that we may live differently in our generation – so we may be set apart in love for others to see. So we may show our understanding.

But if we don’t understand God’s word ourselves, how can we do this? We will never fully know everything there is to know about God (He’s God!) but it’s so important that we realise the importance of growth, the blessings of Christ, and significance of building our understanding. Firstly, we are to see how grounding is so very important.

Mark 4:11-20

There are 4 different types of Christians:

  1. Those who hear God but never grasp the truth – perhaps they read things on line, sit in church, or pray to someone somewhere, but Satan stands in the middle, snatching the word and preventing heart change. Often, this is simply a barrier – an addiction, habit, idol, fear, relationship, worry…. It stands between the word of God, and transformation. The question is: Are you going to let that stand in the way of a life-changing encounter? Take it from me and all the other believers in this world – you’re missing out! Will you let it remain, or will you sort it out? If this is you please use the prayer request form on this site or talk with someone you know.
  2. Those who get very excited about God, but in all their joy, forget to build foundations – Perhaps, they go to Christian events, see miracles, or listen to a new worship song, and experience a mountain-top moment. But then they never actually respond/apply the word to their lives when they get home. When the “buzz” of new faith begins to fade, they forget all the joy it gave them. Perhaps they get “pumped” about God, but then later feel as though the “boring” going to church, and reading the bible bits aren’t for them… But it’s these fundamental things that root his word within us daily, to strengthen us and take us on adventures with God. Let me tell you – church, and bible reading is far from mundane! Get stuck in and be beautifully transformed! Learn to praise God in the everyday – if your light is distinguished by the first shadow, you can’t be a beacon!
  3. Those who become consumed by worry and the deceitfulness of wealth – so much so, that it chokes them. For a while (as you all know) I became very worried and consumed about my future, chasing academia and wealth. The worries became a cramp in my head – I thought I was giving it to God, but in reality, my vision was blurred. What I thought was listening and waiting was more like, “yeah that seams OK.” It wasn’t until I got on my knees and gave away my worries, that the word of God was revealed in me. If we are choked by worries, we can’t encounter God, until we admit that struggle. Are you worried about something? Get on your knees and pray to God – use the prayer request form! Perhaps, we will have to sacrifice a few things – but it’s worth it!
  4. Finally, those with a strong faith, who walk with God for the rest of their lives. We all, can be like this – if we hear God’s word (ensuring we let nothing stand in the way – 1.3.), accept it truthfully, and be committed (2.), we will be successful with Christ. We will produce a crop. The seed of God, planted within us will flourish, as we live prayerfully, listen to what God wants of us, and fix our eyes on that. It’s not easy – perhaps we may have to give up wealth, a relationship, or a dream, but as we do this, God equips us. He goes with us and fulfils his plan for our lives. Which is greater than any dream that doesn’t come true!

What’s your grounding? Is anything preventing the word of God from transforming your life?

Eleanor ♥






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