Cut it Out

Psalm 24

This world belongs to God. Meditate on that for a minute – everything you see, touch, smell, taste, belongs to God who is good. Everything. Even us. God established everything – He is the great creator who has placed everything just where it is. Nothing in this life therefore, is “ordinary” or “lacking imagination.” All is God’s – even the basic, small town shift-worker. All is established according to His plan, and His plan is perfect. All it takes is for our perception to change…


In the same way, God is the Most High, and not just physically but mentally – we are lead to worship Him. It’s in our instincts – everybody worships something whether spiritually or not. But here is God, who made us to worship – who deserves all glory!

Every single human being, to ever have existed, has chased something else, trusted someone too much, and (whether subconsciously or consciously) worshipped an idol. That idol could be a person, friend, food, career path, music, hobby, feeling, book, method of communication… All these are blessings, but if we find ourselves using them/pursuing them, more than we pray, then it’s time we reassessed our lives. And our health.

Why do we need to cut it out? We so easily become entangled in all of these things – so much that we begin to depend on them without realising. In fact, to demonstrate, recently I’ve experienced this… Social media was beginning to take over my life – I was even beginning to depend upon the inbox conversations/friendships I had on there. I was filling my time with on line conversations instead of talking face to face, and depending upon a cloud to store my memories. I even ended up seeking a relationship for a while – and when it failed, I became lost. I’d trusted my time to social media, an not enough to God. When I read “those who depend on Christ will be vindicated, blessed and saved,” I realised how much I wasn’t giving. And how much I used to give – a whole lot more…

Things easily entangle us – and we’ll never fully be able to give God our everything because we are human. It’s just not possible – the sooner you accept that, the quicker you’ll come to know God and trust Him. Instead of these things that are getting in the way, and stealing our trust, we are to seek God’s face, lift up our heads and let the King of Glory come in.

How are we to seek God’s face? There are so many ways: studying the bible; praying and listening; worshipping with music; dedicating 30 minutes to silent solitary rest and reflection; take up a sport and pray as you practise… There are so many ways, because actually, we can find God in all situations. It’s just about working out what works best for you – and how you can get your heart in tune. To put it simply, seeking God is calling out in prayer, and waiting for Him to come into your thoughts and mind. Keep your bible close – who knows what you may feel like looking up…

Anyway, when we seek God above everything, we are able to stand, and trust no matter what the situation. If I’d have trusted God, more than I’d trusted a few messages from a guy I thought was perfect, I would have been able to see sense in a confusing situation – I’d have been less anxious when faced with decisions, and less impatient when waiting for my girl friends to reply. When we seek God we learn to recognise Him – God is the daily strength as you go about your work. He is the glory and wonder in exciting moments, the love you feel for other people, the kindness of your family, the stomach butterflies when you’re about to go on an adventure. He’s the voice that says, “it’s ok,” and the beating heartbeat when you go wrong – a heart that says, “return to me my child, I love you and I forgive you!”

What do you need to cut out? I logged off social media for about a week, until I felt ready to balance – it was a way to clear my head, look to God, and create memories on solid ground. I was able to make time for people, refocus on my purpose and ultimately find God working through the week!

Have grace!

Eleanor ♥






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