Our Heart’s Desire

Inspired by James 4:1-6

This world can sometimes feel as though it’s centred around quarrelling and fighting. As if all of our hearts compete – our desires cause tension and we often have to battle against what our hearts want in order to keep others happy. As we live like this, we start to desire the things that others desire – things that we don’t have and so therefore covet. We become jealous, quarrel, and then desire a bit more…

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It’s really a bit of an endless circle as we want, we don’t get, we experience hurt, and then feel unfulfilled…

Why is it that we don’t receive what we want? Surely this would fix everything right? The thing is, God is the Most High, and everything good comes from His name. I think the true question is, did we ask for it? How many times, do we try to achieve things alone? How often to we present everything to God in petition and prayer? Even the little trivial things…

I guess there are two answers. 1. we must remember that everything has a significance to God and so we should be putting Him first, and trusting the smallest things to Him. Our little desires as well as needs. 2. Although we are to ask for the things that we desire (after all God cares and is the one who formed our hearts) rather than striving for them ourselves, do our true desires reflect life with God?

This everything doesn’t to our flesh, sinful hearts and all that they would like – and believe me its so very easy to convince our brains that all of our desires are good! This everything refers to all that our holy, perfect, and blood washed hearts desire – the things that have Godly motives. Whether for ministry, relation, or just ordinary things. Therefore, we should be praying for the things that are good in God’s eyes and asking God to train our hearts, to not desire the things that aren’t of His plan. After all God’s plan is perfect and beyond all can compare – why wouldn’t we want this?!

Of course, we can never know exactly which desire’s are God’s and which are not, so it’s more about submitting to God, presenting everything whilst having the humility to say, “God if it’s not what you want, then please don’t grant it – rather change my heart to seek your goodness.”

Whilst we are submitting to God, we are entering friendship with Him. We are no longer friends with the world – this doesn’t mean that we aren’t to love those who don’t know God. But rather, just as best friends are similar and share the same dreams, we are to know God’s heart whilst remaining in the world, through the word. Allowing our hearts to change. For if we are desiring the things that the world desires, how can we obediently live for Christ ? When we submit, we say yes to a change of heart.

But note perfect will – changing our hearts is no chore. God’s will is perfect and wonderful – we enter a new life with a new heart and we will desire more of God, the more we come to know Him! God jealously desires to live in you, breathe in you, and fill you with His love – may that be your one true desire. Even as we want little things along the way, which is not wrong, we will be able to see God’s blessings and praise Him for it.

Ultimately, as God changes our hearts He also gives us grace. We are human – we are living in a world full of an “every man for himself” culture. We will chase things that we shouldn’t  – and sometimes not even realise until we fall down. But, if we keep humbly trying, God promises to love us and show favour to us!

Say yes to a heart change.

Eleanor ♥






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