This morning (Sunday 10.01.16) I was sat in church, and the lady preaching, Judith, was drawing her sermon to a close, when she began to talk about a word that recently God’s been giving to her. Through many different prayer groups, friends and family from all over the world, (England, Canada, and South Africa) she’s found God pointing her towards this word for 2016: Accelerate.

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As she began to explain, how God’s been accelerating her heart, through people she had never even met before, as well as close friends, I sat and listened. It seems as if, all over the world, God is placing this word, and encouraging his children to go forth and accelerate…

After some reflection time, it suddenly dawned upon me that perhaps, God has also been changing my heart – I’m two weeks into 2016, and the year of Grace, Cherish, and Go. Go. Perhaps, as I began to realise my dreams for 2016, God was also realising his own – that as a community, Distinctivemode would join the movement, and accelerate, into small, humble missions!

God’s encouraging my church, other churches, and the whole greater body of Christ to accelerate! To position ourselves, ready to accelerate into a worldwide thinking – a new perception. Because we are world changers! Through small, everyday intentions of love, we really can change the lives of those in our community – and it’s contagious. It accelerates further afield! God’s calling us not just to go, but accelerate! To open our eyes, do the small good, and love the present, 2016 of being here and now.

Something else caught my attention this morning. Judith shared a blog post that her friend had written regarding this message of “acceleration.” “Perhaps God is encouraging us to not stop praying” – to keep seeking his word, building one another up, and laying new foundations in Christ. To build the foundations for those who don’t have them – by actively doing little loving actions! And maybe through these, God will put his spirit in us, and speed up the long awaited answers to somebody else’s prayers.

So don’t hesitate, accelerate your heart, be a game changer and look to those long awaited answers to prayer!

What are you going to do?

Eleanor ♥





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