Hide and Go Seek

Do you ever feel a little bit lost? Almost like your searching? Do you ever miss being breathless? Do you ever feel as though God’s hiding away? Or simply as if you’re forever missing the target?


Recently I’ve been a lot of the above – especially the latter since I now live such a busy lifestyle. But a friend of mine, Jess, recently wrote a blog post about simply seeking God. The analogy that she uses is beautiful and really touched my heart! It’s full of encouragement and I simply couldn’t have put it better myself!

After reading, I grabbed a coffee, shut my door, sat down… and I just listened. I even cried – after a stressful day I heard God saying, “off load.” “It’s okay to cry even if there’s nothing to cry about.” “There is no judgement in me.” “Come to me and I’ll wipe away your tears!”

And within 15 minutes, I was no longer having the worst, longest day ever, but the most productive, trusting 24 hours. It’s funny – how we think by “hiding from the world,” we will only add to the burdens/tasks of today. But actually, by running away from this world of human strength, and spending a short interval, focusing entirely on God in all His power, we not only improve our mindset, and become extremely excited, but we empower our lives and press pause. No time with God will ever be lost!

Here you can read Jess’s post!

What are your thoughts?

Eleanor ♥






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