How Can God Be Good?

Last weekend, I took a road trip and in the car on the way home, I read my readings for the day. As I rode down country lanes in the dark, God opened my heart to something often found to be challenging. Why is it that people don’t always get the ‘good stuff’ that they ask for, and how can God be loving when many describe Him as angry? I encourage you to read these small sections, before returning to read what I’m about to say: Micah 2:6-11 and Romans 8:1-4, both in the message translation…


In the Micah passage, people were letting things get in between their relationship with their Father. They saw God as a good God, and so they prayed for better lives – wine, possessions, friendships. They saw God as a ‘reward card,’ and as a pit-stop in their search for happiness. However, they failed to realise that in God himself, they would find true happiness. To realise that God being a great provider didn’t mean new wine and highway reputations…

God is a provider, of spiritual health, success, finance and ultimately, love. He does answer prayers, but only those He knows will benefit us – those that are in his plan. He grants only goodness. You see, these people in the days of Micah (and unfortunately still today) were so caught up on materialistic happiness that it got in the way of God. How? It made them want more, and also, when it wasn’t granted, they became down – they began to doubt God’s goodness. This desire to live a ‘city grounded life’ blinded them so see the importance of being small, humble, and dependent on the Lord. They missed out on the true blessings, that were in Him.

This ‘search for happiness’ and ‘doubt of God’s goodness’ that still goes on today, makes God angry. But again, this anger is not a fire blazing anger that many view it as – no. This anger, is simply a desperate desire to be our father – a love so great that when we look elsewhere for happiness, God cries his heart out. Why? Because he wants us to have the best life, and we will only find this when we rest in his arms. The arms that formed us

Besides, his loving anger is no longer – we live after Christ, whom in God’s anger, was sent as a bond of love. To die for all of the times when we’ve failed at things, and when we’ve gone the wrong way – this anger and sacrifice has granted freedom. For now there is no shame nor condemnation in Jesus.

God is good, and we can trust in him to feed us spiritually – to bring us joy, and fulfil his faithful promises. Material possessions aren’t sinful but are blessings, however, if they get in between our perception of God, and take our hearts from the true home of happiness, it can be extremely dangerous.

Stop searching for happiness elsewhere, ground yourself in Christ, not within the architecture of marketed city living. Be thankful for what you have, and help others who have no faith, to understand the wonderful benefits of walking with Christ.

Eleanor ♥






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