Let Every Breath

Over the past few weeks, I have been trialling a new bible reading plan, in order to challenge myself with something new; although I love to ready my bible, I have never actually read the whole bible. Therefore, I began (back in August) a ‘bible in a year’ plan on an app (She Reads Truth) and it commenced with Isaiah…


Every now and then, in order to continue to compel you, the app throws in a few psalms and on Monday night, I really felt inspired as I studied Psalm 108

Our hearts are steadfast – they were dedicated (and still are) to praise our Father, and it’s so important that we remain steadfast, without wavering. This is not only to improve our own spiritual lives, but (in the words of David) to ‘awaken the dawn.’ As we exalt God in all that we do, we shine light upon all areas of life – we reveal the sunrise!

But what does praising God, in all we do, actually look like? The phrase, “let every breath be praise,” appears throughout the bible. That’s literally it – everything you do (whether big and intentionally faithful, or the small everyday tasks) should be an example of life in Christ… Be yourself, let others know that you’re a Christian, befriend all, be positive, and look to God – talk to him as you live your life of praise.

However, before we really begin to compel others, to come to know Christ, God must first help us – He must save us, discipline us, and grow us. If we are not saved, or walking with God, then how can we minister to others? We may try, but we can’t. Therefore, first focus upon your own salvation and discipline, then, you’ll find yourself automatically becoming an example to others, due to personal development: experience, and then lead…

As I mentioned earlier, praising God and exalting Him in all aspects of life, is also about the small, everyday. As our hearts open up to God, He reveals so much more to us and we come to know just how awesome He is – God owns all the earth! Speaking of which, the Lord places His hands over the earth and calls it His. Unfortunately, we often forget that this world, we speak of, also includes the towns, the cities, and the villages. God has His hand upon your town, your neighbourhood and the situations within it; God wants to work in your small, local community as much as He wants to move the nations as a whole! He calls you where you are, to praise Him and to bring glory to His name, by starting out where He’s placed you, coming together with fellow believers, and striving to let others know that this place is where God is. Here, right now, forever more…

Bring praise by welcoming others, caring for your community, letting His love be known, praying for your town, and simply, sharing the sunrise!

Is your heart steadfast? Have you begun your walk with God? Do you know that God has his hand upon your town? And that He’s moving in that place?

Eleanor ♥






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