Being Eyes

Almost a fortnight ago, I went away with my close friends to a festival called Kairos. Essentially, Kairos is a Christian youth weekend packed with workshops, worship and words of encouragement! Kairos has been the highlight of our Summer for the past three years, and two weekends ago, God certainly marked our time there…


I’ll start by simply mentioning that although I wish to share absolutely everything with you, so many awesome things happened – so many that if I attempt to relay them all, we’d find ourselves in complete confusion! However, one specific encounter has really imprinted upon the way that I’m delving head-first, into this September month of routine, studies, and friendship-making…

During worship one night, I saw an image of an overflowing light, and as I stood, waiting to see what God was revealing to me, I began to see many faces. All these faces were in the dark, and I could only make out the eyes of each face. At first, I guess receiving a picture from God can sound fairly frightening (it certainly did to me a couple of years ago) but in this moment, there was such a sense of peace, love, and encouragement. It was as if God himself, were whispering into my thoughts, and as I asked for a meaning, I began to feel that He was (and is) calling me to be the eyes of others as I venture into the academic year ahead – and forever more!

But what does it mean to be the eyes of other’s? Being eyes is vital; to show love, we must be on the look out for those who are in need of encouragement… Being eyes, is recognising situations to start a conversation, to care for someone’s needs, or even to realise that somebody needs help with something – without them asking for it, or, realising this for themselves. It’s to seek for small, everyday opportunities to shine light into a life, and to lead others to God.

This vision (that we all can strive to fulfil) can be rather difficult – automatically when discussing ‘opportunities,’ we get so caught up in the idea of ‘burning bush moments’ and ‘bible study conversations.’ Although these are great, and do sometimes occur, we must remember that often, God is searching for the small. He meets us in the ordinary, and He works in the everyday. Being eyes can be something so simple such as inviting somebody to sit with you, helping a neighbour in maths class, or simply just saying thank you… Because it’s the small actions, that intrigue an audience.

Over the past week, I’ve been navigating my way through a new college and after God gave me this vision, I’ve been trying my best to be eyes for everybody. There are two things that I for sure, can state: 1. you will not succeed straight away. It took me a good three days before I even managed to remember my vision, let alone carry it out! But hey, God is forgiving and He loves that you care, about what you forgot – He loves your desire to live for Him! 2. It’s extremely rewarding! In 7 days, I’ve made some great friends (including a girl from church that I regrettably did not know personally prior to college), felt happier, and discovered the umpteen ministry opportunities, that God is using me for, in everyday life. No, it’s neither miracles, nor colossal encounters, but instead, gracious, loving steps that emit rays of brilliant, white light!

So look forward, be eyes for all, and allow God to shine through you!

What opportunities do you have, each day, to be eyes? Will you use these opportunities for God’s glory?

Eleanor ♥






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