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Welcome back to the second part of the encounter series where we’ll be looking at Luke 1:26-56 where a young girl Mary has a life changing encounter…

I’ve always overlooked this bible passage, but recently, God has been revealing so much to me about bible passages such as this one. And since it’s all about an encounter, I thought I’d share it, along with the fact that I too have encountered, becoming inspired by Mary.


Linking with Zechariah, in verses 26-33, God was with Mary (a humble Virgin girl) and at the beginning of the encounter, Mary was scared. But, the angel once again brought peace along with a wonderful life-changing miracle. Mary was to have a child named Jesus who would be (and is) the Son of the Most High! This promised child reigns over all, and the promise was spoken to Mary during this remarkable encounter. Imagine an angel appearing and telling you that you will have a son, and that He will sit on the throne forever… I’d be mind blown!

Moving onwards to verses 34-38, we begin to see a common theme across the encounter series: doubt. Mary doubted for a moment, saying “how will this be since I am a virgin?” However, in contrast to Zechariah’s encounter, Mary does not allow doubt to silence her, but rather, puts her faith in God. She is reassured that the Holy Spirit had enabled her and that she lived under the holy overshadowing of encouragement and ability. The child that she bore was the Son of God, and with confidence in her relative Elizabeth’s (Zechariah’s wife) testimony, she quickly began to have faith in the word of God, spoken in this encounter. Unlike Zechariah, Mary submitted to God – despite her worry or humility, she trusted and allowed God’s plan to be fulfilled in her. The question is, have we submitted to God’s plan, whatever the cost? We know from Zechariah’s story that God has spoken words over our lives, but have you actually allowed that word to be established, in your free will, by praying, “Lord may your word be fulfilled and may I encounter you”?

Mary’s encounter with God wasn’t over. Verses 39-45: Mary had believed and encountered, but after the encounter she didn’t just revel in the light of it, herself – she immediately went to her relative, to testify and to encourage! As she shares in this encouragement, the Holy Spirit works through their friendship and reveals even more to them. The encounter is ongoing. In fact, Elizabeth begins to encounter God, as she is overcome, and she realises just who this child is – her Lord! In this moment, she praises God for his work, and for his desire to work in their family. But mostly, Elizabeth blesses Mary for her faith – a faith that God fulfills his promises. The thing is, we don’t just encounter God and that’s that, but once we encounter him, it changes our lives, and we continue to encounter him. Life in itself is an encounter, and it’s even greater when we go out and share, after each little, encounter along the way…

Finally, verses 46-56 really moved me. Mary was in so much awe of God – the Lord had revealed so much to her because of her faith and this made her rejoice. She realised how good God is; He thinks of and cares for his people – even lowly people. He notices us when we are not noticed by anyone else! Just as He transformed Mary, God lifts us up (calling us blessed) and does mighty things. God is full of mercy (showing compassion despite authority or right to punish) and this extends to all – old, young, past, present and future. All it takes is reverence – allowing our encounter to impact our lives. Once we allow Gods nature to impact the way we live, we step into eternal mercy and a family belonging. God even takes our pride which yes, may seem unfair, but God’s fills us with so much more – abundant, eternal riches! We are Abrahams descendants, and God wants you to encounter this, and also to know that He, is forever merciful!

Grab some paper or type in the comments, and honestly answer these questions for your own individual response.

Have you allowed God to fulfil his word for you? Do you want to submit to God and encounter Him, whether here for the first, or the fiftieth time*?How can you be impacted and move onwards from your encounters with God?

*if yes, please comment below or submit a prayer request so that I may pray and also chat about it with you on a personal level.

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