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It’s official, it’s July and we are closer to the end of 2015 that to the start. For 2015, I set out to complete a giving project each month, in order to put love back into the community. Now that we are six months in, I felt that it was time to review the project so far, and launch project number 7…


The following review is not to boast about the giving that have been doing, but simply to follow up from the project launch and to give readers ideas of projects that they can get involved with. In fact, I very much disliked posting this review, and almost didn’t post it because I wanted to have humility. In the end, I decided to post it, in order to demonstrate the love that God is pouring into the community through this blog – not my works, but God’s – to hopefully inspire you to live a life of love.

January: bought cans of beans, and spaghetti, from a local store and donated it straight into the food bank. This was a fun first project, and the food bank is a very good cause.

February: launched the agape love challenge, carrying out raoks (random acts of kindness ) and encouraging all readers to get involved, sharing love. I loved how people got involved and made the valentines month, a month of true self-sacrificing love!

March: during March, I attended a World Share Moldova evening at a local church, all about the country of Moldova, and their issues with human trafficking. Moved by the issues, I donated the money that I would have spent on a giving project, towards the work of World Share out in Moldova.

April: following suit from March, within youth connections throughout the town in which I live, a youth leader decided to move permanently to Moldova, or at least for as long as God keeps him there. He goes to work for Operation Mobilisation in September. Many members of our community supported him with some money but also prayed for him throughout the month. Please join in prayer for his new life.

May: exams began in May, so I made up 14 little exam survival kits for my school friends and they went down really well. You can find the tutorial in the May archives!

June: a friend and I set out to the town centre with a bunch of flowers, where we handed out these flowers to people along with cards, telling them that it was a raok.

And so now July is well underway and this month I want to launch a ‘book of love challenge.’ The book of love challenge is simply to give a life changing book to somebody. This book can be anything from a novel, to a biography, poetry or even a bible! But the one rule, is that this book must be inspirational, full of encouragement, and given to somebody who really needs it!

So as we head into this challenge, with eyes open, I wish you the best! Instagram a picture of your book of love using #distinctivemodeBOL, or email to with a caption explaining why it’s life changing to you! I can’t wait to see them all, and share them on the site!

The challenge runs from now, through until the end of August so get creative, find inspiration and share it with the community!

Eleanor ♥


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