Conservation of Energy

I want to talk about physics. Yes, physics! The thing is, in physics, a very important, and fundamental law, is the conservation of energy: energy can only be transferred from one form to another, but neither created nor destroyed. Perhaps, it can dissipate (spread out and become less concentrated, making it hard to collect back in again) as heat but for what I’m about to say, the important thing is, that energy cannot be destroyed – it’s always there…rubix

Whether transformed as kinetic, sound, or simply stored energy, waiting to be transformed, there’s always a spark, and these sparks of energy, are everywhere. The electromagnetic spectrum alone ranges from very long wavelengths, to very tiny wavelengths, and they all travel through the air; if EM waves were red, the air would simply glow a crimson colour. These waves of energy are useful too – we can convert energy types such as kinetic (in a wind turbine) into electrical energy, to charge out mobile phones or other devices…

Don’t you see? Wherever you are, there’s always, a spark of energy – it has not been destroyed. Perhaps, you do have to look a little further for it, but if you seek for it, and allow it to spark your imagination, or something inside of you, you’ll find it converting into the energy, to get you back on your feet and charging you for whatever today, and tomorrow may bring! So look for the spark and keep journeying towards a life of love and happiness!

Eleanor ♥

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