The Fearful Excitement of Adventure

Recently, amongst busy life schedules, it’s when I pause, to read my bible, or jump into an important task, that I suddenly gain inspiration for a new blog post. I find myself writing in my thoughts, and become frustrated thinking, “Great, once again I gain inspiration, at the times that it’s not needed,” and I quickly open my planner, and jot down the thoughts, ready to write again later. However, whenever I return, I lose the train of thought and no longer feel able to go anywhere with such a post… I’ve done this a lot recently, and not just with blogging, but other aspirations have also suddenly awakened, and much to my dismay, I’ve delayed them, allowing them to fade whilst I ‘focus’ on what’s important. What has this got to do with faith? Well that’s the thing, sometimes God directs us towards things, and inspires us, at times that don’t seem to make sense, or perhaps it seems like a ‘distraction’ from what’s ‘important’ – but God doesn’t always work exactly in time with our individual plans. One thing’s for sure, He always works according to his plan…


Philippians 2:13 (NLT) For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

God is not distant – when we place our lives into his loving arms, and decide to follow Christ as Lord (as our King!), God comes to dwell within us. No longer are we ourselves, but we become a new creation in the spirit, which works through us, not just for works, but to enlighten our lives with love, happiness, joy and ultimately, the passion to voluntarily come to know God more! Do you see? Living for God is about living in spirit, and being obedient, and this obedience is not an offence, or a set of chores, but simply a bond of trust – obedience in spirit is about saying, “Okay God, I trust you – may I be open to say yes to whatever or wherever you may call me, and to truly live as a new creation.” Yet what is so wonderful, is that God is already working in us, and helping us to say yes to him! Ask him, and He will come! And it’s in this moment, when we find our passions changing, our inspirations awakening at the most inconvenient of times, and dreams that we’ve never dreamt, coming alive…

To put this into perspective, and hopefully to get across, what I’m trying to say, I want to use an example of my own experience: for years, I’ve had my life planned – education, university, job, and then family. I knew from a young age that this would be the plan, and for about a year, I’ve had fine art at Oxford University bookmarked on my web browser. I was convinced, that this was my gift, and also my duty; that as an ‘intelligent’ person, I should definitely go to university. I had to – it was what the world said was the norm. I had this mindset, that if I didn’t go, I’d be wasting my life… However, 6 months ago, I started to realise little, subtle changes… Firstly, I began to get inspiration for the faith category on here, and since then, I’ve found views growing. Then, I began to become passionate for a different future – a future without university. Suddenly, I found myself dreaming dreams, of gap years and over a period of time, God’s been putting encouragements, organisations and even prophetic words into random moments, perhaps (I’m not saying that this is definite) confirming that a gap year is the right thing to do. In fact, now that I look back, I can see God, appearing and random times, and working in my heart, giving me vision for his work, and the adventures that He wants to take me on! He began to give me inspiration for more blog posts, almost speaking into my thoughts, writing with me, and then the word ministry just kept popping up, into so many different situations – just last week, I received an email from YFC asking if they could feature me on their website… This blog began as a hobby, yet now, here is God, growing it. In fact, if I’m honest, it scares me a little bit, to think of the responsibilities that this blog is bringing about, but it’s a good fear – a knowledge, that God will move mountains, and that he will always fulfil his plans, even if at times I don’t imagine myself capable…

Who knows if I’ll go to university, or if this blog really will grow, but one thing I do know is that God works in ways that we do not expect – he does immeasurably more. And all it takes is faith! It’s not about works, its simply about saying, “okay God, this wasn’t expected but lets do this together.” And so, as I write this, I vow, no longer will I jot down my ideas, but when I receive inspiration, I will throw off all that hinders, and all focuses that perhaps seem important. For God’s plan is bigger, and not only this, but we can voluntarily go to God, in faith, through prayer, for advice – to seek his guidance, and ask for vision, so that we may begin to truly, live out each and every adventure, that He has planned.

So ask God to help you say yes, don’t ignore inspiration, and be excited, to change plans, and follow God’s own, unimaginable plan – run the race that God has marked out for you, towards the wonders of such heavenly joy! But mostly, be patient – for God will work when we least expect it, yet in perfect timing!

Eleanor ♥






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