Class of 2015

The year 2015, for me, awaits the arrival of many opportunities and mostly, has been spent anticipating the arrival of Summer, and the adventures that it brings. School for me, although enjoyable, and a great place for character growth as well as responsibility (holding the title of Head Girl), was a cause for stress during my last two years. In fact, looking back, I can honestly admit that the whole of Year 10 was filled with either stress related anxiety, or friendship strains. I was desperate to leave school, and move forward onto college life. However, over the past, final year, my stress has disappeared, my views changed, and now, whilst sitting the largest exam period of my life so far, I have not stressed once! Not only this, but through the past five years, I’ve become so close to many of my ‘classmates’, that actually, I really am going to miss them…


Two weeks ago, I sat an exam, and at the end, the whole year group was told to simply get up, leave, and only return for exams; my heart beat as the moment that I’d waited for, for years, came into existence. Yet, I didn’t feel satisfied… Why? Because as soon as the time comes to leave, we discover the impact of people upon our lives! Day in, day out, we come into contact with others – whether acquaintances or close friends – and our being thrives upon interaction. Even leaving a crowd of strangers would have the same affect; when we see other people day in, day out, we become attracted, to the flair, the conversations, and simply the appearances. Over the past two years, I’ve spent 8 hours a week with my science class alone, and we became a family, of jokes, encouragement, and most of all, the memories that we have together are priceless: never, in all of my life, would I have imagined laughing about our teachers’ experience at a convent school, or managing to blow up an experiment in the labs, sending glass flying everywhere! And it’s exactly this, that grips us the most – people form memories, and although we may all go separate ways, memories always sustain. There’s a beautiful remnant of each, and every interaction, here, whether with a stranger or a brother, and that, for me, is where heaven meets earth…

Having left my school, I return for each examination with gratitude, thankful for the memories, and the interaction once more; soon, prom will arrive and after a night of happiness, we shall all go our separate ways, but as always, the memories will forever be in my heart… And those memories will be of laughter, support and gratefulness!

So whatever situation you are in currently, focus on the people around you – make memories that last, and appreciate what you have, for when the time comes to move onwards, with the flow of life, it’s this companionship and interaction that will be missed the most…

Eleanor ♥

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