Prayer = Conversation

Prayer: it’s not just a request list, but a conversation – a lifestyle. By praying at a set time each day, and at both regular, and spontaneous, intervals throughout the day, we not only improve our relationship with God, but we prepare ourselves for spiritual warfare including temptations, trials and suffering. In prayer, we come before the God who created the universe, in all of ours weakness, and just be; sometimes we don’t even need to say anything more that just, “Lord, come,” for He already knows an understands us, so we need not ‘babble!’ We thank God, we give Him adoration in awe of His nature, we ask Him for forgiveness, confess our troubles and give our situations unto Him and into His hands – we ask, knowing that God will work for the best no matter what the outcome. But most of all? We press into His intimacy and just listen – every prayer is answered, whether a “yes,” “no,” or a “wait”…


Listening is not just for the questions and petitions that we pose, but for something much greater: for God’s word. We open our ears, cutting out distractions, focusing on him, and being open to anything that He has to say. Whether a filling of spirit, a prophetic word, a reassurance of perhaps, a goal for the following day; however God speaks, this life of prayer is continuous, regular and two-way. We can’t prepare ourselves for what God will say, but simply be willing to listen as He works in ways that we can never even begin to imagine, until He reveals little by little, day by day, through prayer.

Prayer is not a chore but a satisfying restoration, as our friendship with God is inspired. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective: It gets us on track with God’s will, restores us, directs our path and mostly, seals new blessings upon our hearts – daily!

So walk hand in hand, realise your weaknesses, praise God, talk to him and listen, preparing for your life to change – he’s desperate to know you, more than you are to know him! You may not be granted the desired answers but despite the outcome, God will reveal the mystery of himself (in His love) and do immeasurably more – He will create and fulfil dreams that you can’t ever imagine dreaming!

Eleanor ♥






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